Freep Heroes: Out of Iraq Congressional Caucus

With six out of ten Americans saying the U.S. should withdraw from Iraq, finally four key legislators introduced a resolution in Congress demanding that W begin to bring U.S. troops home. The sponsors are Rep. Walter Jones, (R-NC), Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) and Neil Abercrombie (D-HI). Just two years ago, Jones was spearheading the movement to rename Capitol Hill cafeteria French fries "Freedom Fries." Their heroic and historic resolution gives hope that the militarist and war profiteers going by the name "Bush junta" can be directly challenged.

The Free Press Salutes Backbone campaign

The Freep salutes the Backbone Campaign, a national movement supported locally by Ohio Honest Elections, headed up by Alex Rodriguez and Connie Harris. Realizing that the problem isn't only that the rich own the Republican Party, but that the Democrats willingly submit as an abused and rented mistress, the Backbone Campaign is directly confronting the Ohio Democratic Party and demanding that they "Get a spine!" Perhaps no Democratic Party in the nation has proven more gutless and soulless than the ODP. They rolled over and shouted "More, please!" as J. Kenneth Blackwell bullied them and stole the election. Look for the large spine to show up at Democratic events and fundraisers from now through the election in 2006.

Enemies of the People Ohio House of Representatives

High-tech 21st century Republican Klansmen are busy disenfranchising minorities and the poor. All of the controversial and immoral election tactics embraced by Ohio's Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell in the 2004 election are now codified in House Bill 3. As Republican Representative Trakas put it, "Democracy shouldn't be too easy." Thus, they voted to systematically purge the election rolls as often as possible, eliminate any challenge to a federal election under Ohio law after last year's challenge, and they now refuse to count provisional ballots even if the voter is in the correct polling place, but wrong precinct. Meanwhile, their Republican colleagues in the Senate are discussing the "nuclear" option, to become the first state in the old Union ? to bar former felons from ever voting. Stay tuned as Ohio seeks to become the "Mississippi of the Midwest."

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