Freep Heroes

The selfless good Samaritans who helped others in the wake of the hurricane

The numerous, often nameless and faceless Americans, who, unlike the Bush administration, rushed to the aid of those trapped on roofs and left to die. There's a battle going on for the soul of America. This is the side we support.

The Free Press Salutes

The Columbus Dispatch

We hate to say it, but we really wish we would have written the series on mortgage rip-offs. The Dispatch reporting was thorough and exemplary. Moreover, in this day and age when the media is often reluctant to take on companies that might advertise with them, the Dispatch cited specific businesses that are destroying communities through unscrupulous practices and destroying the American Dream.

Enemies of the People

The Bush administration and its federal agencies

Isn't it apparent after the winds of Hurricane Katrina that the Bush administration is indeed the enemy of the people? Simple decency, and the precautionary principle, would have meant that evacuation equipment and transports would stand at the ready to save the people of New Orleans and others devastated by the hurricane. But we get the usual cronyism in the form of the incompetent Michael Brown or "Brownie" if you're George Bush referring to your FEMA bag man in Florida. A quick no-bid clean-up contract to Halliburton and a few days relaxing at the ranch while more than one thousand people drowned. Bush would have moved heaven and earth to save New Orleans if Terry Schiavo had lived there. That's the evil wedge politics of the Bush administration, the most corrupt government leaders ever to "mis-lead" this nation.

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