Columbus citizens may believe that city decisions and reforms are made by elected officials or government agencies. Those who watch NBC’s “Spectrum” and other local media may believe there’s a handful of movers and shakers in the community working to affect public policy. These shows span the spectrum from “A” to “B” and back. If you want “C-Z” alternative points of view you need to read The Free Press. People in the loosely affiliated activist community know that there are actually dozens of selfless, dedicated individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes without notoriety, reward, and in most cases, a paycheck. They work for social justice and positive social change in central Ohio – and all over the planet. These are citizens like you and me, who make a “cause” part of their daily existence, and they often succeed in enacting some of the greatest changes in society for our common good. This column will be devoted to acknowledging those unsung heroes who are almost never invited to appear on the for-profit mainstream talking head shows.

Khari Enaharo

Khari Enaharo has consistently tackled the tough issues ignored by the mainstream for-profit media. He has exposed the views of hundreds of controversial guests to Columbus residents through his radio and TV interviews. Enaharo shows often have multiple guests from varied perspectives who debate about real issues that affect the quality of life in Columbus. Whether it is police brutality, racism or local politics, he has been willing to explore areas where most media fear to tread. We at The Free Press want to acknowledge Khari Enaharo for his contribution to the dialogue on the great moral issues of the day.

In Memoriam – Lance Shreffler

With the death of Lance Shreffler, the peace and justice movement in Ohio has lost one of its most precious voices. The Free Press honored Lance for his peace and justice work. He served as president of the Ohio SANE/Freeze movement. More than that, he put his body on the line for over 60 years. He traveled to the West Back to advocate peace. On behalf of Pastors for Peace and Worldwide Humanitarian Aid, he drove medical supplies to Central America. A humble and gentle man, Lance dedicated his life to bringing peace, plenty and freedom to all people.

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