The rumors swirled among the Operation Save America faithful, as they whispered to each other: “A pro-deather punched out a cop!” Or an alternative version had him assaulting a woman. Who was this vilified creature? None other than our local Gandhian peace guru, Mark Stansbery. Stansbery participated in an anti-OSA demonstration, and after being tackled by an undercover cop was injured, arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. The undercover cops had infiltrated OSA and were dressed, as Mark described them, like the “Blue Meanie” males of OSA.

Charges against Stansbery were dismissed after the state failed to provide him with a “speedy trial.” Local attorney Jim McNamara represented Stansbery in the criminal case. Stansbery said that the community has a right to counter protest without being attacked by undercover cops. “This is a community issue and we intend to pursue it,” he concluded.