Water is an essential element of life and protecting water resources is a critical endeavor for the future of our planet. We in Ohio can thank Julie Weatherington-Rice for being at the forefront of the struggle to preserve clean water in our state. This cannot have been an easy task over the years, but more recently, she is still heading up efforts against the threats to our water supply from fracking.

  Julie recently spoke at a Columbus Community Bill of Rights forum, the group collecting signatures for a ballot initiative that would ensure clean water, air, and soil for citizens of Columbus. Julie’s talk and Powerpoint presentations revealed the dirty secrets of the fracking industry including how our drinking water is affected by chemicals and radioactive fracking waste. Julie has done more to reveal the toxic, radioactive stew the oil and gas industry calls “brine” than any other person.
  Julie has years of experience in the world of environmental activism. She has worked with the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District since the 1970s. Julie helped develop the first regional ground water protection plans in southwest Ohio and been an adviser to the State of Ohio on ground water protection since the 1980s. She co-wrote the original grant that started the Franklin County Greenways project in the early 1990s. She worked on many Sole Source Aquifer Petitions for the US Environmental Protection Agency all over the state. Other water protection projects include wellhead and source water protections plans, cleaning up Superfund sites, brownfields and leaking landfills.
  Her educational background is in Science Education, Geology, and she holds a doctorate in Soil Science. Julie works as the Senior Scientist for Bennett and Williams Environmental Consultants, Inc. and is also an adjunct Assistant Professor in the Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering department at OSU. Her commitment to helping communities fight water contamination is why Julie Weatherington-Rice is out Freep Hero.