Freep Heroes: Germany and France

The Freep chooses to honor the governments of Germany and France who refused to sanction the Bush administration's war-mongering imperialist dreams in the Middle East. Drunken frat-boy foreign policy, fermented by what psychologists call "dry-drunk" syndrome, was slowed down and possibly halted by the heroic resistance of the French and German people. It's one thing for traditional enemies like China and Russia to resist the United States. It's a new and positive development when our closest European allies refuse to accept the folly and lies of the Washington warmongers.

The Free Press Salutes:

The folks at Victorian's Midnight Cafe

We know Victoria's secret -- she's a peacenik! Spontaneous organic grassroots organizing put more than hundred peace activists into the streets at the February Gallery Hop. The people at Victorian's have created a unique liberated zone where poets, musicians and activists express their views and keep this country truly free. Avoid the corporate chains and the acid reflux brought on by Starbucks. Instead, give Connie Harris a call and sign up for social justice.

Channel 4 -- England

Mark Thomas and Just About Productions of Britain's Channel 4 were the only media with enough courage to come do a weapons inspection of Columbus' own Battelle. Lost on the U.S. media, that enables President Bush's irrational policies, is the fact that the United States has been attacked by biochemical terrorists. They are in our own government and military, and they attacked our own media and Senate with a trillion spores per gram, Ames strain, silica-impregnated made-in-the-USA anthrax. Battelle has been at the center of biochemical research in the U.S., including hiring William Patrick III, the man who did the study on sending anthrax through the mail, as a consultant. Battelle didn't let the Brits in, but their weapons inspection attempt was aired in Britain in February, as the greatest attack on the U.S. Constitution continues to be ignored in Columbus.

Enemies of the People:

Tony Blair

It's hard to imagine a more pathetic, despised and unprincipled figure on this planet than British Prime Minister Tony Blair. To have to go before a Parliament and be questioned over and over again why he seems to so enjoy kissing the ass of the unelected George W. Bush, almost invokes pity. Yet he seems to like his submission to the low-IQ'ed one. Seventy-four percent of his fellow Brits say they trust Bush only a little or not at all. A majority of his people are adamantly opposed to the war and see Bush and his insane clown posse as a greater threat to world peace than Iraq. The Labor Party must take the next step and dump Blair as their leader, causing his government to fall. Maybe he can get a job with Bush's father at the Carlyle Group, just like former Prime Minister John Major. It'll continue the tradition of Bush ass-kissing he's so fond of.

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