Freep Hero

Gregory Palast

Thank God for freedom of the press. At least it’s working in Britain. The Freep honors Gregory Palast, a British journalist, as its hero. Palast’s reporting on the Bush family finances, their staged CIA-style demonstration elections in Florida and Bush, Sr.’s worldwide intervention for western corporations which then results in kickbacks to Jr.’s campaign coffers, are better than anything you’ll read in the U.S. press. Of course, U.S. corporate conglomerates, their CEOs, CFOs, directors and officers are precisely the people that Palast has been outing in his articles for the London Observer and other media outlets. Check him out at

The Free Press Salutes

Governor Taft

The Freep salutes Bob Taft for granting clemency to Jerome Campbell and sparing his life. We hate to be cynical, and sure, sure, we know there were probably political considerations – Campbell was from Cuyahoga County, not Taft’s home base in Hamilton, Ohio, and he was black, which will bode well in future Taft elections – nevertheless, the Guv actually conceded that County Prosecutors are not infallible and that innocent people are on Ohio’s death row. Now if he could just explain to us why he didn’t demand that they check the two tiny specks of blood on John Byrd and instead allowed then-Atty. Gen. Betty Montgomery and Hamilton County Prosecutors to kill a man without any direct physical evidence while fighting John Byrd’s wish to have that same blood evidence tested.

Students for a Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)

While many at Ohio State accept the fascistic drug war of the Bush administration and the Ayatollah Ashcroft, SSDP continue its important work of educating the university community on the stupidity of eliminating student financial aid for misdemeanor marijuana busts. Their spring Hempfest has grown into a ritual as significant as the Ohio State Buckeye spring football game. That’s saying a lot – although one tends to be militaristic, sexist and ego-driven and the other peaceful, diverse and communitarian. Go to both and decide for yourself which one’s more fun. Enemy of the People

Les Wexner

Perhaps the world’s leading zionist ûber alles. It matters little whether the government of Israel is under the control of the Labor Party and pushing for peace or under the control of war criminals like the Likud’s Ariel Sharon. Wexner uses his fortunes made through dubious associations in the textile industry to suppress the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and to push the United States into war with Arab nations. See “Wexner’s War” pg. 24.

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