Freep Hero -- Bill Moss, Watchdog for the Children

Let’s see, it took the collusion of the Democratic and Republican parties -- both who refused to fill out a full slate of four Columbus School Board candidates and instead picked two each to create their notorious “Gang of Four” -- along with the Chamber of Commerce, the Dispatch, the Democratic Mayor Michael Coleman and $357,000 to defeat Bill Moss in the last election. Despite the fact that many white liberals who distrust everything that the Dispatch says tend to believe the paper when it comes to Moss, he remained the only School Board member unbought, unbossed and unbowed by Columbus’ power elite. Moss’ courageous last electoral battle against the pay-to-play forces of corruption will be remembered, while the unprincipled policies of Mayor Coleman will have passed into history.

Free Press Salutes -- Tom Siemer, Protester for Peace

The Freep salutes Tom Siemer for throwing red paint on the Enola Gay – the WWII bomber that dropped the first-ever atomic bomb on a civilian population in Hiroshima – at the opening of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. Siemer’s action took place as six Japanese survivors of the atomic blast looked on. Siemer, a 73-year-old Columbus native, reminds us that the United States is the only nation that has ever used its weapons of mass destruction against another nation. He also reminds us that the two atomic blasts in Japan, that killed an estimated 170,000 people, was the ultimate act of terrorism against innocent civilians. Siemer has a long history of direct action against the death penalty, war and nukes. During the Gulf War, Siemer returned a “bloody” Desert Storm T-shirt to Lazarus demanding a refund, accusing the store of war profiteering.

Enemies of the People -- Rush Limbaugh, Junkie for the Dittoheads

The Minister of Propaganda of the emerging Fourth Reich and self-admitted dope fiend is busy accusing prosecutors of pursuing a political vendetta against him. Geeked up on synthetic heroin and other illegally obtained street drugs, Limbaugh was a leading voice for the right-wing racist drug war by police and prosecutors against the African-American community. Rush – you’re a junkie, you’re a criminal, and you’re a hypocrite. Quit your whining and take what’s coming to you.

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