Marc Emery

In between producing Pot-TV and publishing Cannabis Culture magazine, Canadian marijuana seed magnet Marc Emery somehow finds time for his unique brand of in-your-face activism. Most recently Emery has been on a cross-country college speaking tour promoting the cause of cannabis legalization. After his March 22nd speech in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Emery was arrested and charged with drug trafficking for the two joints he was smoking with the crowd. Emery was jailed for three days before finally being granted bail. Emery remains unfazed by the ordeal and has promised to come back to Saskatoon ‘a lot, and not just for the trial.’ Emery continues to be a major force for cannabis law reform on this continent.


Todd McCormick

The Freep salutes patient/activist Todd McCormick for his unbreakable resolve to make medical marijuana available to those in need. When California legalized medical marijuana in 1996 McCormick joined forces with fellow patient and author Peter McWilliams to write a book on how to produce medical marijuana. They were both subsequently charged and prosecuted by the federal government for trying to implement California’s medical marijuana law. Peter McWilliams died choking on his own vomit while awaiting trial because he wasn’t allowed access to medical marijuana. McCormick received a five year sentence. Because of his medical condition there was no guarantee that he would make it out alive. Unlike some who face the grave prospects of a long prison term McCormick never testified against his associates or expressed regret for his actions. Last month Todd was released from prison and is now back with family and friends and is ready to continue the fight for medical marijuana. Todd’s commitment is an inspiration to us all.


Congressman Mark Souder

It’s hard to imagine a bigger threat to the cannabis community than Representative Souder. As the sponsor of the infamous Higher Education Act Drug Provision, Souder is personally responsible for denying financial aid to over 150,000 potential college students. But that wasn’t enough for the congressman from Indiana, so this year Souder authored legislation to substantially increase penalties for cultivation of ‘high THC’ cannabis and to create a new crime called ‘drugged driving’. If these bills are passed into law we will see more innocent Americans rotting in prison. This man must be stopped.

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