Freep Hero: Michael Moore

While the New Democrats cower and tremble at the name Rove, Michael Moore prefers to simply pimp slap the neo-Nazi propagandist in his books on Bush and documentary Fahrenheit 911. Moore dared to raise the question: If 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis and the other four were Egyptian, why in the hell would we attack the Iraqis? Moore collected and ran the video clips the corporate media tossed in the trash. What he’s done is pulled back the curtain and laid bare the Wizard of Oil for the simple-minded, low-IQ’ed puppet that he is. We hear the words thundering now, “Pay no attention to the man who can’t complete a simple sentence. He is a member of the great and powerful Bush family.”

The Free Press Salutes: UA for Kerry

Fighting political guerilla warfare is never easy. Imagine you’re stuck behind enemy lines in one of America’s foremost conservative Republican enclaves, like Upper Arlington. Well, if you’re the grassroots volunteers supporting John Kerry for President, you come down from the highlands and from behind the trim trees and well-sculpted Bushes, to lead Columbus’ version of the Tet Offensive. The UA for Kerry folks have been getting national attention for their political activism. And their website says it all. As they quote Plato: “One of the penalties for those who refuse to participate in politics is that they end up being governed by their inferiors.” Obviously, they looked up George Bush’s SAT scores.

Enemies of the People: Operation Save America

It should be no surprise that the rabid dogs of Right-ism held a convention in Columbus, Ohio – the key battleground state in the 2004 election. Operation Save America (OSA) should tell the nation what it is saving America from – the First Amendment? Religious tolerance?

Constitutional law? We know their real agenda is promoting votes for Bush. OSA calls gays, lesbians and pro-choice activists “miscreants” and burned a Koran. Violence broke out only when an undercover cop attacked Gandhian-like counter protester Mark Stansbery. The death-to-anyone-smoking-a-joint crowd camped out at City Hall during the week of July 17, until they were finally driven off by a Stonewall-sponsored rave. Their website explains why: “…One poor wretch chose to expose her breasts.” Never have two naked breasts done so much for so many. We thank you!

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