Rob Russell and Protect Our Earth’s Treasures 7/20/02 After a two-year picket of the OSU veterinary hospital, Rob Russell and animal rights activists successfully drove Associate Professor Michael Podell from the OSU campus. Podell was responsible for the reprehensible “Cats on Speed” experiments that tortured and killed cats in the name of medicine. Podell’s departure from OSU is in the truest sense, POETic justice. Now if only POET and its allies PETA, the Humane Society, the Association of Veterinarians for Animals Rights and the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine could start organizing to get the OSU administration to quit practicing mind control on student guinea pigs (see Freep Enemies of the People).

The Free Press Salutes

Congressman Pat Tiberi

The Freep salutes U.S. Congressman Pat Tiberi for having the courage to state the obvious. Recently he wrote: “One can make many of the same arguments against trade with China that are made against Cuba, but we have adopted a policy of free trade with China.” He also noted “If travel and trade with China are encouraged as a means of bringing about positive change and a more open society, shouldn’t the same hold true for Cuba?” Tiberi is asking the right questions, despite Resident Bush’s targeting of Florida for the 2004 election and his pandering to right-wing Cuban reactionaries who long to bring corruption and the CIA back to old Havana.

Senator Mike DeWine

The Freep also salutes another Republican, which may be a sign of the apocalypse. Nevertheless, Senator Mike DeWine needs to be commended for his vote to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. With the Big Oil oligarchy ruling the White House and waging an endless war on “terrorists” worldwide as a cover for seizing the oil reserves of central Asia, it’s good to see a Republican senator breaking ranks with the Bush/Enron administration.

Enemies of the People

OSU administration and Richard Hollingsworth

The OSU administration, reminiscent of the glories of the Third Reich, staged its own version of a Nuremburg rally at its commencement. Ah, the joys of empty rhetoric, meaningless honorary Ph.D’s, mindless jingoism and the exhilaration of an endless war. OSU’s Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Richard Hollingsworth threatened the crowd with “arrest” unless they all behaved like good little (Hitler-era) Germans. Perhaps in the fall, Hollingsworth can help organize student action squads to beat up any student dissenters on campus and drive liberal faculty from their offices. Hollingsworth can have a few mandatory student rallies where he proclaims that freedom is fascism. After all, it’s gonna be a long war, and Hollingsworth knows that it may take a year, or a decade, or a thousand years…Believe…Obey…Fight…Thousand Year Reich…Stand Up, Sit Down, Fight, Fight, Fight. That which is not mandated by the OSU administration, is illegal. Booing is prohibited by law.