Demonstrators at the TABD in Cincinnati

In November, the heroic struggle against undemocratic corporate globalism continued in Cincinnati when people took to the streets to expose the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue (TABD) as the CEO puppetmasters behind the World Trade Organization. The battle between the forces advocating economic control by a few corporate honchos and people demanding bottom-up democratic control really will decide the fate of the 6 billion people on this planet. Once again, the demonstrators realized that politeness and politics as usual will only play into corporate domination of the world.

Ralph Nader

The Nader campaign for president was the most successful for democratic left forces since Norman Thomas in 1932 and much more justified. Thomas ran against the liberal FDR; Nader gave us a clear alternative to the vacuous and sterile rhetoric of the damnable New Democrat Al Gore. Nader allowed us to vote our conscience, express our values and to open up green space in the closed U.S. political system.


Jesse Jackson

Thank God for the Reverend. At least there’s one Democrat left with enough guts to call out the CIA front known as the Bush Klan for stealing the election in Florida. Gore’s concession speech legitimized a Coup d’Etat, but Jackson’s actions offer the correct path of resistance, activism and demonstrations that are needed to de-legitimate the Fraudulent of the United States, George W..

Barry Edney

In the past decade, Barry Edney has been in the forefront of the struggle to empower “ordinary people” and to stop police brutality in the primarily black and poor neighborhoods of the east side. By taking his complaints directly to City Hall and getting arrested after being invited in by the Safety Director, demonstrates the usual way proud and assertive black men are treated in Columbus. We salute Barry for not being bought off or putting his head down and shuffling in the face of injustices. You can give to the Barry D. Edney Defense Fund, c/o Attorney Christopher M. Cooper, 1724 E. Livingston Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43205.


Jerry Davis

Jerry Davis is a local organizer for two neo-Nazi groups that advocate mass genocide: The World Church of the Creator that spawned the racist killer Ben Smith, and the National Alliance. Smith managed to kill two people and maim 13 in a multi-state shooting spree. Davis recently played a TV program on Columbus’ public access channel 21 praising Smith as a “hero” and a “first amendment martyr.” Shame on the public access organization, that regularly bans local clowns from its schedule claiming that the channel is not a free speech forum, while they give shelter and a propaganda vehicle to neo-Nazis.