Columbus is a great place to be a horror movie fan. Between Gateway Film Center’s weekly Nightmares on High Street series, the Drexel’s annual Shock Around The Clock 24-hour horror movie marathon and Nite Owl Theater’s annual Halloween showing of cult film Trick or Treat, the area’s independent theaters offer up some pretty great chances to get your scare on. Now Studio 35 Cinema & Drafthouse is adding one more to the mix: Fright Club! Once a month, the theater and their friends from the movie blog will be spotlighting a horror movie that fell through the cracks of public attention but is nonetheless worth a watch. The series kicks off on Friday, January 24th with the movie Severance. In this 2006 British horror-comedy, a group of sales reps on a corporate team-building retreat are hunted down by a group of serial killers. In February (the 21st to be precise) Fright Club will be feature 2008’s Eden Lake starring everyone’s second-favorite Magneto Michael Fassbender. (Sorry, nobody can beat Sir Ian McKellen at ANYTHING.) Eden Lake uses the classic cabin-by-the-lake setting, pitting a vacationing young couple against a gang of sadistic teens. In March (on the 14th) they’ll be bringing us the psycho high-schooler flick The Loved Ones. In this 2009 Australian movie, a troubled teenage boy becomes the victim of sadistic, vengeful classmates at the school prom. Though the movies may be new to most people, even serious horror fans, the presenters aren’t. The writers behind, Hope Madden and George Wolf, were longtime writers for The Other Paper. In addition to their movie blog, Madden is now a writer for Columbus Underground and Wolf is a midday host at radio station WNND. “Our goal is to program really good scary movies that, for one reason or another, never found a large audience,” says Madden. “These aren’t campy classics or cult icons; they’re good, solid genre films you just probably never saw.” And since the venue for the series is Clintonville’s Studio 35, there’s more at the concession stand than just popcorn and soda. The theater’s bar serves subs, pizza and close to two dozen beers, including specialty microbrews. “You can grab a great draft beer, get a really fun, scary move in this gorgeous theater. What better way to spend a Friday night in Columbus?” Wolf says of the venue. Tickets for Fright Club are $5 at the door.