Hello Everyone,
We have yet to get a response from the UN on our petitions. We'll continue gathering signatures until we do. Our request that Tepco be replaced by a global team is more urgent than ever.

Why? Because news from Fukushima & the Pacific continues to worsen. Please look at the on-going coverage as linked at Nuke Free.

Tepco has brought down some unused fuel rods from Unit 4. Next come those that were exposed. Remember that Units Three, Two & One may have even worse problems.

The whole world is trying to Tepco has complained that the media is actually photographing their operations! With a state secrets act on its way, we anticipate a formal crackdown. Tepco wants to open four other reactors in Japan and pursues overseas investments while toying with the fate of the Earth at Fukushima.

Fukushima radiation has been confirmed off the coast of Alaska, & will soon be in California. Reports from the Pacific of the disappearance of sardines and salmon, the death of California sea lion pups, a horrible plague among starfish off the northwest coast of the US, and much more, remind us how little we know about the effects of pouring gargantuan quantities of radiation into the ocean.

And that the survival of human life on our planet has never been more threatened.

Please stay with us as we work to sort through the disaster before us. A very large windmill has successfully opened off the Fukushima coast. It reminds us that there is hope, and that the Solartopian answer to our energy needs is very much with us....IF we can get through this nuclear madness....

No Nukes!