Originally published 2016

According to a recent Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) report, cancer of the cervix was the 14th most common malignancy among Minnesota women. Cervical cancer was also listed as the 17th most common cause of cancer death in Minnesota.

In Minnesota, according to the statistical information provided by the MDH (published at, the incidence of cancer of the cervix among Minnesotan females of all races is a miniscule 6.8/100,000 population (ie, 6.8 newly diagnosed cases per 100,000 women per year). (Incidence is the term for the number of new cases of a disease diagnosed during a specified period of time, usually a year.)

The age-related peak incidence for a diagnosis of cancer of the cervix is 44 years of age. In the 40 – 44 year age group, the MDH says that in any given year there are only 14 newly diagnosed cervical cancers per 100,000 population, which means that 99,986 out of every 100,000 44 year-old Minnesotan women will not be diagnosed with cervical cancer.

By the age of 50, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 80% of American women will have been infected at one time or another with human papillomavirus (HPV). And yet, amazingly, well over 99,000 out of every 100,000 women will never be diagnosed with cervical cancer. (It is useful to point out that deaths from cervical cancer are an even more miniscule 1.5 cases per 100,000 females per year.) Those statistics should make obvious that girls who don’t go along with the crowd - by refusing the CDC’s recommendations – have a close to zero chance that they will ever get cervical cancer.

The question that should come to everybody’s mind is this: “Why vaccinate millions of young girls when the entirely theoretical chance of any of them ever getting cervical cancer approaches zero? (See supporting data below.)

Not only that, but skeptical parents will save a ton of  money (an outrageous $140 per shot, plus office call charge) as well avoiding the distinct possibility of seeing their children become chronically ill with one or more serious autoimmune disorders that are becoming increasingly common among fully vaccinated children.

Some Statistics That Merck and Glaxo Don’t Want Doctors – or Their Patients - to Understand

The American Cancer Society estimates that 12,000 out of the 170,000,000 females in the US are diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer annually in the United States.  That represents only 0.0061% of the female population (12,000 divided by 170,000,000 X 100% = 0.0061%) – an infinitesimally small percentage. But that means that 99.9939% of Minnesotan females will not get cervical cancer next year whether they were vaccinated with Gardasil or not or whether they were among the 80 % that had contracted an HPV infection during their lifetimes. If vulnerable pre-pubescent females or their parents are aware of those statistics, there is a chance many will logically choose to say no, especially because the costs (both financial and health-related) can be so high.

Those statistics represent pretty good odds that Gardasil has been way over-hyped, especially considering the fact that 60,000,000 American females are under the age of 30 (an age group within which cancer of the cervix is essentially non-existent). For the over 30 age group the number of women who will never get cervical cancer still amounts to 99.989% (12,000 divided by 110,000,000 X 100% = 0.011 % and 100% - 0.011% = 99.989 %), even though 80% of them had already been infected – and then spontaneously cured - with one of the 100+ strains of HPV almost all of which are not feared as being cancer-causing (and only 4 antigens of which are in Gardasil).

The Number Needed to Treat (NNT)

To make those statistics more meaningful, it is necessary to understand the concept of Number Needed to Treat (NNT) and Number Needed to Vaccinate (NNV), which is an easily understood statistic that tells physicians how many patients have to be treated (or vaccinated) before one patient can be said to have benefitted from the treatment or inoculaton. Here is an excerpt from a Duluth News-Tribune Commentary article that I recently submitted. It was titled “Gardasil Has Not Been Proven to Prevent Cancer of the Cervix!”.  I have been informed by the editorial page editor that it is scheduled to be published on or before the Fourth of July holiday, having been OKed by the paper’s legal counsel.

“So how bogus is the vaccine industry’s claims that Gardasil can prevent cancer? The irrefutable fact is that there have been zero cases of cancer prevention proven. Patients will have to wait another generation or two to find out about cancer prevention, the major reason that parents are pushing their daughters to get the shots. 20 - 50 years is the amount of time for cancer of the cervix to develop.

“One useful statistical measure that some medical investigators use is the Number Needed to Treat (NNT), which is one way to quickly state the effectiveness of a treatment…For instance, the NNT for a course of penicillin for a penicillin-sensitive streptococcal pharyngitis is 1 (meaning that one cure [or effective treatment or vaccination] occurs for every one course of treatment. If a treatment results in only half of patients benefitting, the NNT is 2 (the inverse of the fraction1/2). The smaller the NNT or NNV, the more beneficial the treatment or vaccination is.

“An article published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (co-authored by four investigators, three of whom were either employees of one of Merck’s Canadian subsidiaries or had received money, honoraria or grants from vaccine companies) that stated that for Gardasil, the NNV to prevent 4 or 5 cases of cervical cancer for a typical 12 year old girl would be 9,080, meaning that 9075 girls would be unnecessarily risking the financial costs and/or serious adverse health consequences of Gardasil.

 “Physicians are never informed of NNT or NNV statistics but patients deserve to know about it before embarking on any recommended treatment program. What Merck has done is to promote Gardasil in its deceptive “Not One More” campaign, that makes parents – and obviously physicians - truly believe the bogus claim that Gardasil will prevent cancer, when in actuality the risks and costs come nowhere near outweighing the miniscule, alleged benefit.

Many of the serious health risks related to aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines like Gardasil are only now coming to light, including the autoimmune diseases mentioned in the recently described new syndrome, ASIA (Autoimmune/inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants). I urge parents of vulnerable children to read Dr Yehuda Shoenfeld’s ground-breaking article in the Journal of Autoimmunity that describes the syndrome at and insist that your daughter’s pediatrician study it as well.

And then, read the following information from before trusting the vaccine industry’s claim that Gardasil prevents all so-called pre-cancerous lesions of the cervix (which admittedly it can in a small minority of cases [but usually in cigarette smokers]).

“Cervical cancer usually starts to develop in the late 20s to mid-30s. The peak incidence is 45 years of age. The protection period of Gardasil is estimated to be 5 years. That means, if you receive your first set of shots when you’re 10 years old, you’d need at least 2 to 4 additional booster shots to make it through to your 30s. And THAT means you’ll have to expose yourself to the potential side effects of Gardasil over and over and over again, with aluminum adjuvants accumulating in your body and brain with each injection.

“U.S. statistics show there are 30 to 40 cervical cancer cases per year per 1,000,000 women between the ages of 9 and 26, which is the age bracket that Gardasil was tested on.

“According to Merck, Gardasil was shown to (very modestly!) reduce (not eliminate) pre-cancers by (a miniscule) 12.2% to 16.5% in the general population. So, instead of ending up with 30 to 40 cases of cancer per 1,000,000 per year in that age bracket, Gardasil can potentially bring it down to 26 to 35 cases of cervical cancer per 1,000,000 women.

“What that means is that you would have to vaccinate one million girls to prevent cervical cancer in 4 to 5 girls. (Ed note: Therefore the NNV for that age group would be an astronomical 1,000,000!)

 According to the National Institutes of Health’s recent data (for the period from 2003 through 2007), the incidence rate for cervical cancer was 8.1 cases per 100,000 women per year in the United States. The mortality rate was 2.4 deaths per 100,000 women per year. In 2010, an estimated 12,200 women in the United States will be diagnosed with cervical cancer, and an estimated 4,210 will die of the disease.

“…so vaccinating ONE MILLION girls would prevent 1 to 2 DEATHS per year, at the ‘bargain-basement’ price of $360 million per year, plus potentially lifelong suffering for an untold number of women (who will develop autoimmune disorders), which has no price tag.”

Correlation does not Mean Causation

The CDC, which is usually careful to use the term “associated with” rather than the term “causative” when it comes to HPV-associated cervical cancers, says: “Not all cancers termed ‘HPV-associated’ reflect actual HPV infections, and the numbers judged to be HPV-attributable are only estimates.”

Astonishingly, but not surprisingly, ever since America’s over-vaccination program began in the 1990s (soon after President Ronald Reagan signed the 1986 federal law outlawing lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers when children died, were disabled or were otherwise sickened because of vaccine injuries), up to 30% of fully vaccinated American children are now seriously and chronically ill, whereas in 1983 only 1.5% of American children were considered seriously chronically ill. (

Cause and effect? The answer is probably yes, because the basic neuroscience research that is done by un-conflicted researchers is quietly and thoroughly debunking the shaky claims about the safety and efficacy of aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines. But such research almost never gets published in the most popular medical journals that take pharmaceutical and vaccine industry money (grants or advertising) or whose editorial board members have (often undisclosed) professional or monetary pro-vaccine conflicts of interest. Many academic pediatricians (such as the infamous multimillionaire darling of the vaccine industry, Dr Paul Offit) have both professional and monetary pro-vaccine biases whereas most non-academic, American Academy of Pediatrics pediatricians usually have only professional conflicts of interest.

Therefore most physicians will never read the important research findings pointing out the serious health problems with aluminum-adjuvanted (and mercury-preservative) vaccines.

Sadly, if any published research that counters the “conventional (and very conflicted) wisdom from Big Pharma or the CDC”, the article is likely to be refused publication, withdrawn from publication or redacted from past publications. Witness the experiences of Doctors Andrew Wakefield and Chris Shaw and Lucija Tomljenovic when their well-done, peer-reviewed research articles questioning the alleged safety or efficacy of vaccines were unceremoniously redacted from previously respected journals after the articles had passed the peer review process and had been already published.

How Can “Routine” Vaccines Cause Autoimmunity?

Merck’s Gardasil and GlaxoSmithKline’s Cervarix both contain genetically-engineered subunit protein antigens (not actual viral particles) that are capable of generating non-specific immune complexes with the help of the neurotoxic aluminum adjuvant that attaches to the intended protein antigen that is in the inoculum. The aluminum is added to the intramuscularly administered vaccine so that the antigen persists in the body’s muscle tissue for a period of time, hopefully long enough so that the body’s immune system can generate a large enough number of antibodies to afford some temporary serological (but not mucosal) protection against the targeted virus.

Unfortunately, the intramuscular shots (that are usually injected into the deltoid muscles of adolescents and adults and into the thigh muscles of infants and small children) are also fully capable of damaging normal tissue cells (thus exposing traumatically-released cellular proteins to the aluminum adjuvant which can then cause a hyperimmunity response to the vacinee’s normal tissues!).

Those potentially affected proteins include, not just muscle tissue proteins but also proteins from blood components (platelets, white blood cells, globulins, etc), lymphoid tissue, endothelial cell proteins (from blood vessels), collagen, DNA, nerve tissue, myelin tissue, etc. The aluminum in the vaccine can attach to those cells as well and thus stimulate an autoimmune response.

But the body’s own macrophages not only ingest the aluminum-coated vaccination material, they also ingest the fragments of the newly damaged muscle cells, blood cells, vascular cells, collagen, DNA, nerve and/or myelin tissue fragments. The aluminum-adjuvant allows the vaccine ingredients to remain in the body for a period of time long enough to generate potentially powerful immune responses and hence a theoretical temporary immunity.

But there are a number of unintended autoimmune responses that can occur as a consequence of aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines. The vaccinated individual’s immune system can generate antibody’s to his or her 1) muscle tissue (potentially causing macrophagic myofasciitis [MMF], dermatomyositis, polymyositis, fibromyalgia), 2) blood cells (potentially causing autoimmune hemolytic anemia, aplastic anemia, autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura, cryoglobulinemia), 3) vascular tissue (potentially causing Raynaud’s Disease, periarteritis nodosa, temporal arteritis, vasculitis, POTS Syndrome), 4) collagen tissue (potentially causing juvenile and adult rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma), 5) DNA (potentially causing systemic lupus erythematosus [SLE]), 6) nerve tissue (potentially causing Guillain-Barre Syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, Meniere’s Disease, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis) or 7) myelin (potentially causing multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis, optic neuritis).

How Neurotoxic Vaccine Ingredients Get Across the Blood-Brain Barrier as Well as the Maternal Placental Barrier

The ingestion of the aluminum-coated antigens by normal macrophages is likely how the aluminum passes through the blood-brain barrier’s endothelial cell’s “tight junction” interfaces and into the brain of the person inoculated.

Macrophagic ingestion of the aluminum coated DTaP vaccine antigens (not to mention the mercury-coated influenza viruses that are in the flu vaccines that are now commonly given intramuscularly to pregnant women) can account for the passage of toxic vaccine ingredients across the placental vascular barriers into the placental cord blood - and thus into the brains of vulnerable fetuses whose blood-brain barriers and immune systems are at their most immature. 

And then, since such toxins as aluminum and mercury, which accumulate with each dose, those fetuses will be put at increased risk when additional inoculations occur in their infancy.

Those aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines of course are known to cross the immature blood-brain barriers of fetuses. DTaP shots (now routinely given to pregnant Brazilian women) are all acknowledged – by the vaccine manufacturers themselves - to be capable of causing toxic abnormalities of the brain such as encephalitis, which would be expected to be capable of causing microcephaly, for example, or any number of other neurological abnormalities that could manifest later as learning, behavioral, intellectual or social disabilities. Knowledge of that possibility by physicians who were educated prior to the post-Reagan over-vaccination/over-drugging /autism/ADHD epidemic eras is one of the major reasons that we physicians were always taught to never give potentially toxic drugs or vaccines to pregnant women - particularly in the first trimester.

So one could ask the question: “What could possibly go wrong with the extremely complex, nearly incomprehensible vaccine and drug manufacturing and marketing processes?”

And here is one answer: “Only the super-secret pharmaceutical industry-hired “mad” (or are they just mercenary?) scientists know the answers for sure and they, for job security reasons, are keeping their mouths shut. But the occasional un-conflicted, altruistic, skeptical basic neuroscience researchers have their suspicions, and they are trying to warn vulnerable and increasingly deceived people about those dangers. The sad reality is that most people tend to trust authoritarian corporations, their spokespersons, and the hundreds of so-called healthcare journalists that are in the employ of every major television network and every large and small market newspaper.

Health Journalists Tend to Use as Their Primary Source Material Propaganda from Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment

There is another aspect about the wide-spread disinformation surrounding the promotion of prescription drugs and vaccines, which always starts with cunningly well-designed multi-billion dollar propaganda campaigns from Big Pharma. Medical journalists rely a lot on biased information easily gleaned from biased medical journal articles (that are commonly ghost-written by someone other than the listed authors), Big Pharma’s gag-worthy TV commercials and/or corporate press releases that often come ready to report on the nightly news. In any case, the information always benefits the for-profit pharmaceutical corporations and the private “research” companies who dutifully perform the studies for large sums of money.

The majority of physicians and executives in the medical establishment (plus many in the nursing profession as well) relies on the same corporate-generated information, and they have succumbed to the multi-billion dollar ad campaigns that urge parents and guardians to force their dependent pre-teen and young teenage girls to submit – often against their better instincts - to the series of three intramuscular HPV injections, each of which, as mentioned above, contains an aluminum adjuvant that is known to be neurotoxic - and fully capable of producing hyper-immune responses and therefore chronic autoimmune disorders.

Contrary to Merck’s Multibillion Dollar Ad Campaign, No Proof Exists That Gardasil Prevents Cancer

But the most serious criticism that I have concerning the intense push for adolescent girls to receive the shot is that there is no proof (only theory) that the shots will actually prevent cervical cancer among any of the females that are presumed to be at risk. Proof of Merck’s unfounded claim will have to wait for a generation or two, and by that time nobody will care if the vaccines worked or not, but the shareholders and CEO of Merck – and the clinics dealing with the Gardasil-induced autoimmune disorder epidemic will probably be the only winners. What parents are told is not enough to make an informed decision. What parents are given consists of 1) a plausible theory about cancer prevention that is falsely presented as fact, 2) unrelenting pressure to vaccinate from a previously honorable medical profession, 3) lab evidence “proof” that claims that the temporary immune complexes that occur in some individuals after a series of three shots all underwritten by 4) a cunning and very deceptive billion-dollar Gardasil ad campaign.

Alarmingly, the Big Pharma-influenced FDA approved both Merck’s Gardasil and Glaxo’s Cervarix without requiring either corporation to prove their claims of cervical cancer prevention! Both say that vaccine recipients must continue getting regular Pap smears for the rest of their lives, a certain sign of no confidence in their claim of cancer prevention.

The above realities should make us physicians re-think our patently false belief system – in which we were indoctrinated in medical school - that says that all vaccines are all safe and always effective and can be given in cocktails of neurotoxic inoculations to even the tiniest of infants without fear.

And those realities should also make every parent of a targeted pre-teen re-think their trust in Big Pharma and in the economically and/or professionally co-opted physicians who seem to blindly trust every multinational corporation that has consistently lied to them and their physicians in their insatiable drive to perform a corporation’s only legal obligation: to increase shareholder value.

It is important to remember that Big Pharma’s multimillionaire CEOs, whose companies meet the criteria for sociopathic personality disorder, do not take the Hippocratic Oath, and they know that they can’t be sued if their vaccines cause Americans to become chronically ill, disabled or die.


Dr Kohls is a retired physician from Duluth, MN, USA. In the decade prior to his retirement, he practiced what could best be described as “holistic (non-drug) and preventive mental health care”. Since his retirement, he has written a weekly column for the Duluth Reader, an alternative newsweekly magazine. His columns mostly deal with the dangers of American imperialism, friendly fascism, corporatism, militarism, racism, and the dangers of Big Pharma, psychiatric drugging, the over-vaccinating of children and other movements that threaten American democracy, civility, health and longevity and the future of the planet. Many of his columns are archived at;; or at