Ilene Proctor Presents #99 in the 'Great Minds' Series
Ilene Proctor Presents #99 in the 'Great Minds' Series

for the Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition & No Nukes/No War (GREEP)
Marianne Williamson is a best-selling author, political activist and the undisputed leader in spiritual and progressive circles. She is the author of 14  books, four of which have been #1 New York Times Best sellers.

Marianne Williamson will join us to discuss where America is now and who we need to be in order to reverse course against the fascist right-wing vigilantes.  At a time of such an extraordinary threat to our democratic norms, we need to radically rethink where we have been and where we’re going. From psychological perspectives to the history of the New Deal, Williamson scans the landscape for the insights we need right now to avoid a cataclysmic end to democracy. .

MODERATOR:  Talk Host/Author/Activist Harvey Wasserman  author or co-author of 21 books, including  The PEOPLE’S SPIRAL OF US HISTORY and SOLARTOPIA!, at  He co-convenes the Grassroots Emergency Election Protection (GREEP) zooms Mondays at 5pm Eastern (

Date:    Sunday, Sept  25, 2022

Time:   1:00 PM Early. Space Limited

Host: Cynthia Anderson Barker

Where: 1448 Club View Drive

Westwood, CA 90024

Tickets: Limited In-Person Attendance:  Avoid long lines in the California heatwaves, please pay in advance,  $36.00,

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