Here is a scary piece of information. In Gaza, there are 37 mothers a day who are murdered by the occupation Israeli Death Forces (IDF).  I contemplate this number on the heals of Mother’s Day, which the world celebrated few days ago.

As of Monday, at least 32,333 people have been killed, including more than 13,000 children and 8,400 women. The injured are more than 74,694 people, including at least 8,663 children and 6,327 women. The missing are more than 8,000

US President Biden is squarely responsible for the genocidal war against the men, women and children of Gaza.  It is pathetically comical, to say the least, that he cares about the disastrous situation in Gaza.  Biden is reportedly trying to convince Netanyahu to find ways to pursue Hamas fighters hiding inside the overflowing city of Rafah in the south of Gaza without killing more civilians.  How absurd! This is exactly the parable of someone firing a machine gun into a crowd. Their munition has finished. Then someone next to him hands them a new clip so they can continue firing. That is exactly what Biden is doing. He is providing a new clip to the fascist IDF so they can continue committing their massacres while claiming he cares!  So dishonest, immoral and conniving.

It is hypocritical that Mr. Biden claims he cares about Palestinians while at the same time continuing to provide death through his daily air bridge of deadly weapons to the pariah state of Israel.   Not only that, the US administration, aside from funneling billions of dollars in weapons to Israel but also vetoing ceasefire resolutions at the U.N. to sustain the ongoing genocide. And when the US wanted to save face by proposing a resolution to the UN Security Council, it was so disingenuous that the resolution was vetoed by Russia and China. As AlJazeera reported, per Russian Ambassador to the UN, it “…contained an “effective green light” for Israel to mount a military operation in Gaza’s southernmost city of Rafah, where more than 1.5 million Palestinians are sheltering.” And finally, when the UN Security Council voted on a resolution to ceasefire during the month of Ramadan, that was Monday, the US abstained.  How pathetic. In her remarks, the US ambassador to the UN kept repeating the broken record that freeing of the Israeli hostages must be a prelude to the ceasefire, as if the lives of the more than 7400 Palestinians who have been abducted by the IDF in the West Bank do not matter! This is above the 5200 Palestinians who were illegally detained prior to October 7.  That is exactly the simple and clear definition of double standards.

In the current situation, Palestinians must have freedom of movement and access to humanitarian needs in all areas of Gaza.  Palestinians must have the right to be able to burry their dead who have remained under the rubble for several months, a simple fact that is not afforded to the people of Gaza.

The civilized world must demand that this war of genocide must stop. The systemic ethnic cleansing against Palestinians must end.  And the pariah state of Israel must be brought to justice.

In an interview on ABC News In-Depth, Ami Ayalon, former head of Shin Bet, Israel’s intelligence service, and a former Navy commander-in-chief asserted that Israel controls the lives of millions of Palestinians. He said, when asked if he were a Palestinian living in the West Bank or Gaza, what would his view be of Israel.  “I would fight against Israel in order to achieve my liberty,” he stated. Not only that, replying to the host when asked “How would you fight? How dirty?,” he said “I would do everything in order to achieve my liberty, and that’s it.”  As to his views of BenGvir and Smotrich, unequivocally, he stated that “I see them as terrorists and Jewish Mesianics.”

Palestinians have the absolute right to establish their independent state, with Jerusalem as its capital. They have the right of self determination and the have the right of return. This is non-negotiable, and anyone thinks otherwise is dreaming.

Palestinians have the right to fight their occupiers by any means, that is the international law. And as the saying goes, even if you kill all the children, one Moses will survive.

No justice, No Peace