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REMINDER: [Day 110 of the ongoing and now accelerating genocide] Israel is
still killing 200-300 civilians daily in Gaza (half of them children) and
injures twice as many daily. People injured have very little medical care
and die regularly of infested wounds or get their limbs amputated with
kitchen knives without anesthesia (1100 children had their limbs amputated
as such). Casualties (injured and killed) are now 3.2% of the 2.3 million
population (equivalent to 11.2 million US victims). Israel continues to
deny humanitarian aid (food, water medicines including anesthesia) with
Egypt's collusion. Famine is spreading especially among the 400-500,000
civilians left in North Gaza (but also in other regions of Gaza). Deaths
are thus accelerating. Diseases (Hepatitis A, Leishmania, intestinal and
skin disorders) are spreading with no treatments. Israel rendered most of
the hospitals and clinics inoperational. Kidney dialysis patients, cancer
patients, and other patients are dying as there are no treatments. Winter
storm arrived today and 1.9 million people have no shelter. 110 journalists
were killed and over 250 injured. This is about 15-20% of all Journalists
in Gaza, higher than population rate so it is intentional targeting to
suppress truth coming out. Israeli occupation forces also killed of
academics and doctors and destroyed hundreds of mosques, 3 churches, six
cemeteries, universities and hospitals. The intention is to reduce Gaza
strip to rubble (70% of all building are already damaged). We will not
forgive or forget the complicity many and silence of many people. We are
grateful to those who act.

Our own work of building continues: Last week we had lecture on
environmental impact of war and two papers on the same subjects submitted
and accepted.  This week we have three talks related to war's impact on
health, agriculture, education. We also engage in field work, in
cultivation of lands and minds. We engage in education (e.g. my master
students) conservation (e.g. animal rehabilitation, direct conservation
efforts) and community service (support for farmers and marginalized
communities). Please look for our ( detailed annual
report coming out next week).

Netanyahu and Kahanist allies wage psy-war to sacrifice captives for
conquest of Gaza: Uncaptured Media obtains an exclusive recording exposing
Netanyahu and his Kahanist collaborators’ plot to sacrifice hostages and
demoralize their families' efforts to pressure for an exchange dea

The view of Islamic Resistance Forces on 7 October and the before and after
events. Whether you/we agree with them or don't, it is important to read to
understand their view titled "Our Narraive: Operation Al-Aqsa Flood".

77 groups support legal proceedings against Biden

Israel arrested thousands of people and its already flawed "legal system"
has become even more racist and genocidal. Before 7 October, innocent
Palestinians were unished in a rigged ;legal system. After 7 October it
became a fascist system where p[risoners are abused , denied even the
family visits that were limited before, denied even formality of trials and
having representation. Like the killing of tens of thousamds of civilians
for revenge and genocide and ethniccleansing, the situation for prisoners
is horrific and so far many died under torture

Press Release: a Palestinian-led initiative warns public officials in
Europe of intention to prosecute over complicity in Israel’s crimes in Gaza.

Human Rights Watch. Why Does Israel Have So Many Palestinians in Detention
and Available to Swap?

The Spectacular Failure of the Zionist Project

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh
A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home
Professor, Founder, and (volunteer) Director
Palestine Museum of Natural History
Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability
Bethlehem University
Occupied Palestine
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