GREE-GREE #100 begins with the great ANDREA MILLER of Center for Common Ground

GREE-GREE #100 begins with the great ANDREA MILLER of Center for Common Ground telling us how grassroots organizing and Democracy Centers can make a real difference, and could decide the 2022 election.

She’s joined by STEVE ROSENFELD and RAY MCCLENDON who fill us in on the political realities in the Peach State, including the likelihood of a Trump indictment and what’s needed to save the races for Stacy Abrams and Raphael Warnock in the fall.

JAN GOODMAN then tells us of the hard battles to save democracy at the Pacifica Radio Network, which has been ravaged by a series of stolen elections and insider destruction.

KPFK’s DENNIS BERNSTEIN, host of the legendary Flashpoints Show, adds vital background to the fight over the progressive nation’s most valuable piece of media real estate.

We also hear from TATANKA BRICCA on the California showdown between the lethal madness of the Diablo Canyon nukes vs. the desperate need to protect rooftop solar and a real green revolution.  

In the second hour we go to the insane overturn of ROE v. WADE with WENDI LEDERMAN, LYNN FEINERMAN, DANNETT ABBOTT-WICKER and many many more.  

We scroll through the moral, ethical, political and spiritual realities of what may be the most critical decision of the decade and what the impacts might be on the apocalyptic upcoming 2022 midterms.  

We will be off for July 4.  But in the meantime, as the national political scenes shakes and quakes, don’t miss this show.