We don't want to go back to the way it was. Normal was devouring the planet, devouring all of us. 


COVID-19 has changed the world, but the world apparently wants to go back to the way it was. We should find that intolerable. Out of this pandemic crisis, this is our opportunity to create a better world. Corporate capitalism itself should be the target under attack.  


COVID-19 has taken our attention off of climate change. Changes were happening in the oil market when COVID struck. With so many fewer cars and airplanes in use, the price of oil has plummeted. Let's keep our level of usage what it is today as we transition to renewable energy. Let the oil companies be the victims of the pandemic. We all want to get back to work, but we don't need to continue our dependence on fossil fuels. Some things do not need to come back. Business travel is now proven to be unnecessary. It is now time to move to green energy.


COVID-19 is continuously exposing the ridiculous levels of income inequality in the US. The rich are getting richer before our eyes. Our government no longer seems represents anyone but the wealthy. The economy is not more important than people's lives. And never have so many people denounced socialism while crying for the government to bail them out. This must change. The rich must pay higher taxes. Commodity, currency and stock speculators must be taxed on their transactions.


COVID-19 has totally exposed our health care system for the expensive debacle that it is. We can no longer support employer-based health care when businesses are closing down and workers laid off by the millions. The cost of health care administration would be reduced to a small percentage under a Medical for All program. Rural hospitals could be easily be supported, health care would improve.  The destruction of the current system would go a long way to reducing income inequality, as this system has created too many billionaires. And our country could be ready for the next pandemic.  


COVID-19 has wreaked havoc with elections. This country must move to universal registration and vote by mail. There are issues to be considered with vote by mail, but we must make voting easy and secure. Polling places should be reduced to the dustbin of history.


COVID-19 has made war untenable. Soldiers dying from disease rather than deadly weapons is not a new phenomenon, but there is little excuse for war in this situation. Soldiers and sailors are dying from the pandemic, and cannot escape the system they signed up for. Countries who go to war on behalf of the Ruling Class in order to capture resources should become a thing of the past, especially if the need for oil becomes a thing of the past. Even the Ruling Class will have trouble expressing a good reason to destroy Iran or Venezuela when we can barely save ourselves. 


COVID-19 has exposed the fact that our economic system is based on nothing but ideological belief. Medicare for All was deemed too expensive, yet the government instantly created 15 trillion dollars to bail out faltering industries like airlines as just the first installment in trying to keep it’s own flawed economic system afloat. Medicare for All is cheap compared to the money just created. Food stamps, Social Security and Medicare are more essential for the population and economy than airlines. 


How can we change the world? What has to happen?


We should start with universal guaranteed incomes. It would have been far cheaper to continue to pay laid off workers during this crisis and provide supplemental income to small businesses, than to to allow the destruction of the entrepreneurial sector of the economy.


Medicare for All would bring the US up to par with every other civilized country in the world.  


Election officials must be mandated to register every citizen to vote. Gerrymandering must be outlawed and the electoral college removed.  Public money needs to be distributed to all parties and candidates.


A market must develop in this country for renewable energy and the rebirth of the hemp industry should be a lasting legacy of the industrial fossil fueled dark ages of the pandemic COVD-19.