GREE-GREE #111 takes us deep into the ability of Big Corporations to buy what’s left of our democracy.

Thankfully, we’re joined by the uniquely powerful JUDITH WHITMER, rebel Chair of the Democratic Party of Nevada, where an uprising of grassroots activists has transformed the playing field. 

Judith has helped lead the charge to at last put the Democratic Party apparatus in reach of grassroots activists who actually support a progressive agenda….and who are willing to fight for a progressive agenda.

We learn from GREG COLERIDGE that the horrendous Citizen’s United does not protect dark money’s ability to buy primaries, as they’re themselves the bailiwick of private corporations, ie the political parties.  

Thus we realize the possibility of actually having fair and accessible systems to choose partisan candidates, a revolutionary development to say the least.

DOROTHY REIK, THERESA BONPANE, JUSTIN LEBLANC, MARY STONEWALL and others chime in with great questions.

We’re FURTHER joined by WENDI LEDERMAN, who has compiled a brilliant and extremely important roster of non-partisan grassroots organizations around the country.  

Such groups have already vastly impacted our political process, at war with dark money.  We clearly need to grow this list, which now embraces some 500 groups—-a hard activist core that could revolutionize our politics….and not a moment too soon!!!  

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