IT'S EASY TO HELP WITH PAYROLL GIVING CAMPAIGNS! Connect to your community through payroll contributions made directly from your paycheck. 2009 Workplace Campaigns are underway!

YOUR DONATION WILL HELP PROVIDE STABLE FUNDING FOR LOCAL NON-PROFITS TODAY! For over 15 years, Community Shares of Mid Ohio has participated in workplace giving campaigns that provide vital and stable financial support for our non-profit member charities. Working together, we will defend human and civil rights, feed the hungry, build affordable housing, prevent family, youth, school and neighborhood violence, preserve the environment, and increase health, safety, education, social justice and democracy in our community.

The Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism, publishers of the Free Press, has been a member of COSMO since 1993 - please give to us!

Get dates and details here or learn how you can start a campaign at your workplace!