President Obama could soon have the power to regulate dangerous greenhouse gases himself should Congress fail to do what’s necessary. It’s up to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and YOU to decide.
Here’s the deal: The EPA has concluded that there is overwhelming evidence that greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels endanger our health and welfare -- which means that by law they have the ability to regulate those emissions under the Clean Air Act. But, before they make a final decision they’re giving the public a chance to comment. Make sure that the EPA knows how you feel by submitting a comment today.

Tell the EPA to give President Obama the power to rescue the climate.

These comments really do make a difference. The more people who tell the EPA to finalize these findings the better chance we have of giving President Obama the tools he needs to be a leader on global warming. It really is that simple.

Now, you can bet that the Coal, Gas and Oil industries, the same people who spent $45 million to undermine global warming legislation in Congress, will be hard at work pressuring the EPA not to take decisive, let alone effective action on this as well. But while money can buy you influence and access in Washington, it can’t buy you public support. Tell the EPA to do the right thing and give the Obama Administration the power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

The public comment period ends on June 23rd. That means we have just about a month to make our voices heard at the EPA. It’s going to take every tool available to rescue the climate and this ruling could turn out to be absolutely critical if Congress fails to pass a strong global warming bill. We can’t let dirty industry have their way on this. This is YOUR chance to have a major impact on global warming policy.

For the planet, Damon Moglen Global Warming Campaign Director