Ask Your Member of Congress to Lift Restrictions on Travel to Cuba Our Country Will Win Friends Through Compassion-Not Hatred

The U.S. government does not allow Americans to spend money in Cuba, effectively banning travel there. But now-in a wave of sanity from Washington-Republicans and Democrats in Congress have voted to lift the travel restrictions.

However, forces in Congress will try to use legislative trickery to stop the Cuba amendment from reaching the President's desk.

One of your representatives in Congress is one of a handful who sit on a key committee that can ensure that the Cuba amendment remains in tact.

If you want your legislator to ensure that travel restrictions to Cuba are lifted, and you're a TrueMajority member, just reply to this email by clicking "Reply" and "Send" in your email program to send your message (text below). If you'd like to customize the message to your Senator, click here:

      Letters to the editor are another powerful way to influence your Congressmembers. This feature uses state-of-the-art technology to make it really easy for you to send a letter to the editor. Click here to give it a try:     

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      Yours for an end to bullying poor nations,       

      Ben Cohen
      Co-Founder, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream+