Call : West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin’s office at 1-888-438-2731; Jeff Jerosinski, Vice President of Finance for Massey Energy at 1- 804- 788- 1868; the company’s main number 1-804-788-1800; and WV State Police Public Information Officer at 304 746 2113 Donations of money would also help.

As Eric Blevins and Amanda Nitchman continue to endure the cold and being confined to platforms 60 feet above the ground, the WV State Police and WV Governor Joe Manchin neglect to stop Massey Energy from tormenting the two remaining protesters, according to Climate Ground Zero. The coal mining company is using air horns, which may cause permanent hearing loss to the protesters, and floodlights in an attempt to end the stand off.

“We have called them (the state police) upwards of 9 times…They have acknowledged the statute that says what they (Massey Energy) are doing is felony endangerment, but they’ve declined to do anything about it. The county prosecutor has also been notified, and he’s passed the responsibility off to the police,” said Nora Graubard, who works with Climate Ground Zero.

Michael Baylous, WV State Police Public Information Officer said, “We don’t see at this point in time, a clear violation of the law. If a county prosecutor tells us there’s a violation of the law, we’ll enforce the law.”

When asked about why it is taking so long for the prosecutor and the state police to address the question of felony endangerment that the use of air horns presents, Baylous said he did not know when the complaint against Massey was made.

“ I don’t know if that was on the first day that you’re talking about or if it was yesterday.” But Graubard said Climate Ground Zero made the complaint against Massey’s use of the air horns on either Friday or Saturday, which would have allowed authorities several days for sorting this out.

Earlier this week, governor Manchin said during a press conference, “We will not in any way, shape or form in this state of West Virginia tolerate any violence against anyone on any side."

But Graubard said the governor is not keeping his word. “He’s tolerating violence against the sitters. We’ve had hundreds of people call his office to ask him about that.”

She said Climate Ground Zero and other activist groups aim to meet with the governor but that “he has not helped us at all...and has not responded to our calls for him to stop the use of the air horns. They have, in fact, just added another air horn.”

Graubard said Blevins has earplugs but that Nitchman does not. She said it’s very likely that Nitchman has already sustained permanent hearing loss as a result of being exposed to the air horn blasts for seven days.

“She’s a really tough kid, so I don’t see her coming down of her own volition. We can no longer contact her directly (her cell phone battery needs to be charged). So, we’re trying to get word to her that she needs to come down as soon as she can.

“But I don’t know if she will do that. She’s very dedicated to saving Coal River Mountain. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to save Central Appalachia from destruction, even endure this, and endanger her own hearing,” Graubard said.

She said prosecuting Massey for the felony endangerment charges is a challenge. “We’re working on this, but we need to find a lawyer who will help us. That’s been difficult. So far no one has come forward with legal help for us yet. Climate Ground Zero certainly cannot afford to do that.”

Many high-profile people have joined the fight to end mountain top removal mining such as actress Daryl Hannah, and NASA scientist James Hansen. Last week, environmental lawyer Robert Kennedy Jr. debated Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship in Charleston, WV. But at the time of posting this article, the Columbus Free Press has no information about who may be offering legal aid.

Donating time and energy is an additional option. “If you’re comfortable with getting arrested, then we really want you down here, but anyway you can help is good. It can be with food, chopping fire wood, building stuff--everything helps out. There’s a lot to do,” Graubard said.