Part 1: 

Part 2:
At this 71st Grassroots Emergency Election Protection zoom, we’re joined by the legendary SARA NELSON and DAN SHEEHAN of the ROMERO INSTITUTE for a lengthy, detailed discussion of the California Green New Deal and the John Lewis Voting Act.

We also hear a needed and necessary criminal prosecution against those who are perpetrating the destruction of our planet..
Their sessions are moderated by TATANKA BRICCA, who facilitates as we hear of the many intricate challenges facing the campaign to convert the Golden State to 100% renewable energy.
We're also taken through the massive preparations going into documents detailing the need for major RICO suits against fossil fuel polluters who are destroying the Earth, and who should be facing criminal prosecution.
JOEL SEGAL guides us through the brutal battles now raging over the John Lewis Voting Act, which has apparently been postponed for consideration until after the Biden infrastructure and social program bills are dealt with.
We discuss a new book on non-violence by FRANCESCO DA VINCI called I REFUSE TO KILL
And we visit with STEVE SPITZ on the realities of the worthless astro-turf campaign mis-run by defeated Virginia Clintonista gubernatorial loser TERRY MCCAULIFFE.
As we all know from hard history, whenever the Democrats lose an election, the first (and last) thing they do is BLAME THE LEFT.  
But we know what really happened in Georgia, and why it must happen again.