We start our Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Zoom #82 by celebrating a major victory for solar energy in California, and with Arizona’s GOP-led refusal to gut the electoral process there.
Though sane Republicans are an endangered species, there seem to be enough in some states to fight for our democracy.
We’re then joined by the great JENNIFER ROBERTS of the Carter Center to discuss serious push-back against partisan gerrymandering.  
Unfortunately, we receive news curing the zoom that the US Supreme Court has refused to uphold an Alabama Supreme Court decision throwing out that states horrific partisan re-districting.  But it’s a provisional ruling, so there’s hope.
We’re then led by the great JOEL SEGAL in an in-depth discussion of how to fight back against the Trump/Bannon fascist coup being staged now in the US.  
We’re also joined by HAL GINSBERG of Our Revolution, TATANKA BRICCA from the Romero Institute, MIKE HERSH from Progressive Democrats of America and many powerful others.  
With comments from our numerous great participants, we face the reality of the desperate need for a national grassroots campaign to save what’s left of our democracy.
The stakes could not be higher.  Be part of the solution!!!!