GREEP zoom #136 is devoted to the great investigative journalist GREG PALAST.

With his stunning revelations about mass partisan disenfranchisement in the Florida 2000 presidential fiasco, Greg god-fathered the modern election protection movement.

He played a key role in the reporting that came out of Ohio 2004, and too many additional “irregularities” that have surfaced since.

He has continued this incredibly important work most recently with his documentary film VIGILANTE, about Jim Crow election theft in current-day Georgia.

Greg also has a long history in reporting on atomic energy, and gives us a deep, knowledgeable presentation on the latest “Nuke Renaissance.”

There is no one on the American media scene with more to say about where we’re at than Greg Palast.  Don’t miss this amazing show.

No Nukes!  No More Coup Selections.