It has been a great week for America due to two sources typical of the new media – bright people with standards that simply don’t allow the sufferance of injustice and false claims of victory and morality when the opposite is clear.

1)  Alastair Thompson, Co-Editor, GM, and Director of “Scoop” Independent News is a great friend of the US Voting Rights movement.  “Scoop” has covered stories for years that are archived in American Coup II.   (New Zealand) took on one of the worlds “big bullies,” Prime Minister John Howard of Australia.  Just before a visit to New Zealand, Howard had the impertinence to say the following:  "If I was running al-Qaeda in Iraq, I would put a circle around March 2008 and pray, as many times as possible, for a victory not only for Obama, but also for the Democrats…I hope Mr. Obama does not become President of the U.S.”

Thompson and the “Scoop” crew showed up at the joint press conference of the New Zealand PM and Howard.  The results were fireworks when Thompson fairly but insistently confronted Howard about his attack on a US politician and support for a futile war.  His questions set a demanding tone, so much so that PM Clark of NZ stopped the press conference chastising Thompson. 

This is great drama – the up start internet journalist bringing truth to power!!!  Read about it here (with audio links and photos)

Scoop Audio/Images: Clark & Howard On Iraq & Obama

(Audio links included)

2)  James Q Jacobs, professor, archeologist, and artist, has investigated Ohio voting problems for the past two years.  His findings had great value previously.  Now his methodology has expanded.  He’s found a greater than 6% undercount for Kerry in Ohio. This is a remarkable resource

The 2004 Election:  Analyses, Summaries, Charts, and Spreadsheets

James Q. Jacobs - Preface

Simply put, Ohio votes were NOT counted as cast. Many votes were miscounted, and Kerry votes were counted for Bush. Numerous questions have been raised about the fairness of the 2004 Presidential election in the United States of America (US). In this article I focus on one election issue, punch card cross-voting—how votes cast one way were counted other than as intended, as a vote for a different candidate or option. Punch card voting has been replaced and, with so many election issues, this most egregious of flaws—counting votes wrong—has seemingly been overshadowed by e-voting and reform concerns. I also focus on a particular region with one-tenth of the Ohio vote, Cuyahoga County, where recount crimes now detract from miscounting the vote. The 2004 recount also focused attention from cross-voting. Votes cast wrong recount wrong.