This brilliant marathon GREE-GREE #93 takes us first to a Green California with TATANKA BRICCA and BEN EICHERT.

We then spend an astonishing 40 minutes with JOHN BRAKEY & KEN BENNETT discussing major new legislation proposed in Arizona to protect the ballots and establish a digital image library to guarantee maximum accountability.  Should it pass this could become the first such bill to pass anywhere in the US.

JOEL SEGAL takes our third section into the realm of a nationwide strategy for grassroots elections to be launched at a national summit zoom on June 11.

We also hear from ANTHONY GUTIERREZ of Common Cause about the horrors of race-based disenfranchisement in TX.

JULIE WIENER explains some welcome reforms in NY.

ERIC LAZARUS introduces an in-depth analysis of the economic benefits of cancelling student debt.

Congressional candidate PETER MATHEWS tells us of a “lost” campaign mailer.

RACHEL COYLE updates us on the insanity in Gerrymandered Ohio, with a nod to Florida from SUSAN PYNCHON & WENDI LEDERMAN.

This two-hour deep dive into democratizing our energy & elections is not to be missed!!!