The first song of the Green Day's show just ended. It was a perfect, exciting, loud and pumped start to a great concert.

If you ever have an opportunity to see Green Day perform, take it! Especially if you're a fan...and me being one they definitely exceeded all expectations I may have had for them

Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong is a great entertainer filled with charisma and spark. He was wonderful, as was backup vocals/bassist Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool, the drummer.

All three make a powerful trio. Having been in this business for 16 years, they certainly have improved according to my Dad, since he last saw them at Woodstock in 1994. He said that along with improving, they have gained great political sense, since they are outspoken Bush haters, and have named their tour "The American Idiot" in Bush's "honor". I think it gives them more character.

Even if you aren't a fan the concert is certainly a fun filled night, with loud bangs and crazy crowd jumps!

At one point Billie even picked three people from the mosh pit, and he and Cool and Dirnt showed them how to play a song. Billie even gave one of them his guitar!

Green Day played new and old songs and ended on a satori note for me because they finished off with a favorite of mine," Time of Your Life." It was a great way to sum up a rockin' night!

It was spectacular! Simply spectacular!

Julie Wasserman is a ninth grader at Columbus Torah Academy