Bill Russell, Grassroots organizing in GA/NC, Health Care, Money out of politics, Loccal winners, Abortion

Green Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Zoom #104 opens with the legendary Bill Russell, the the Greatest of All Time professional athlete/civil rights activist in all sports based on having won 11 NBA championships in 13 years, including the last two as the first African-American coach of a major professional team. Russell did all this while serving as one of our most critically important pioneering activists of equal rights for all citizens.

He will be incredibly missed, as will NICHELLE NICHOLS, Star Trek's first African-American female, one of the great icons of our culture (&counter-culture).

RAY MCCLENDON clarifies the on-going very much alive & well prosecution of Donald Trump in Fulton County, Georgia. Ray further updates us on the escalating grassroots campaign in GA leading into the 2022 mid-terms.

JOEL SEGAL connects that GA campaign to his work in NC…and then explains in great detail the considerable impact of the new Biden-Manchin bill, not yet passed, on our national health care system.

RON LEONARD, RAY LUTZ and TATANKA BRICCA illuminate the huge leap forward this bill also offers to the solar industry which has been under terrible attack from the US fossil/nuke dinosaurs.

GREG COLERIDGE of MOVE TO AMEND then covers his organization’s spectacular work—along with SAM ROSENTHAL---to reverse the horrendous SCOTUS Citizens United decision allowing big corporate money to buy our elections.

Greg is followed by three great grassroots candidates supported by Progressive Democrats of America: JASON CALL from WA, RACHEL VENTURA and JOHN LAESCH from IL.

And we hear from DR. RUTH STRAUSS, WENDI LEDERMAN, DOROTHY REIK, DANNETT ABBOTT, JUSTIN LEBLANC and many more who fit the critical mass of moving ahead with American democracy.

As a parting shot, we jump briefly into the world of psychedelics, reminding all our participants for future sessions to see: FANTASTIC FUNGI & the 4-part HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MIND.