Celebrating Grassroots Victory In Georgia!

We are joined on GreeGree #120 by ANDREA MILLER of the Center for Common Ground and RAY MCCLENDON of the Georgia NAACP.
They are chief architects of the astounding grassroots victories in Georgia 2020-2 for the US Senate seat now held by RAPHAEL WARNOCK.
These electoral landmarks turned on turnouts organized without help from the Democratic Party, which spent some $50 million on media advertising.
Much of that money lines the pockets of party consultants who are highly paid and often make kick-backs on the ads they place.
Yet as we hear from SUE DORFMAN, on-the-ground campaigns were forced to beg even for simple yard signs and door hangers.
We further hear from reporter STEVE ROSENFELD with various reports from around the US on the complexities of our tortured democracy.

Next week we’ll get a full report on our two-year plan to protect American democracy in the lead-up to 2024. 

Part 1:

Part 2: