Honoring Cliff Arnebeck, Paper Ballots with Clint Curtis, Free Assange & Peltier

In Green Grassroots Election Protection zoom #122 we pay tribute to pioneer election protection mainstay CLIFF ARNEBECK, who has just passed.

This heroic Ohio attorney joined with BOB FITRAKIS, CLINT CURTIS, JULIE WIENER & others who demanded an end to the 2004 electoral fraud that wrongly gave GEORGE W. BUSH a 2d term.

lint gives us a tour of the paper ballot issue and questions the use of computerized ballot images to count the vote.

We then hear from DEEPA DRIVER and VINCENT DeSTEFANO about the situation with JULIAN ASSANGE.

Deepa delivers a brilliant talk on the absolute need for protected journalism and a public funnel for critical documents.

She is briefly joined by TATANKA BRICCA who promises to tell us in a later session about LEONARD PELTIER.

We’re further joined by Vince DeStefano, who explains the possibility that Australia’s change of government may open a door for Julian’s release.

We hope it comes next week, as we adjourn for MLK DAY, returning January 23.  No Nukes!! 

Part 1:

Part 2: