Our Jam-packed GREEGREE #126 starts with NY’s JULIE WIENER reporting from the NY legislature on hackable voting machines.

Ohio’s RACHEL COYLE tells us about the astounding trial in Columbus about the $61 million a nuclear utility slipped to the speaker of the Ohio House to get a $1 billion bailout for two atomic reactors.

The question, says Rachel, is whether in the world of Citizen’s United, it is perfectly legal to buy (or rent) a state legislature. 

“You couldn’t write a movie better than this,” she says.  It’s a trial to legalize bribery, with major national repercussions. 

PACO FABIAN then tells us about the successful and impactful progressive campaigning of OUR REVOLUTION.

We merge in the possibility of using referenda to help get out the grassroots vote, particularly on the issues of Choice, Gerrymandering, Marijuana and Expanding Medicaid. 

Our Revolution also focuses on raising the minimum wage, as was tried in California, demanding clearer messaging.

LORENZO CANIZARES gives us the news from Peru, where a Revolution is definitely not being televised.

From LINDA GUNTER of Beyond Nuclear tells us about the threat of earthquakes to atomic reactors in Turkey and Greece, not to mention Ukraine and California.

From STEVE CARUSO and others we hear the horrible news about the 50-care derailment now poising much of the Ohio River Valley.

BEN EICHERT, MYLA RESON, TATANKA BRICCA and others update us on the Energy War in California, now raging over the expiring licenses at Diablo Canyon.

Next week we are off for President’s Day, but will be back February 27 with a new link.  We will be joined then by the great RAY MCGOVERN.


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