Our 95th Green Grassroots Election Protection (GREE-GREE) zoom begins with celebrations of the shut-down of Michigan’s Palisades nuclear plant and the ouster of Australia’s awful right-wing anti-Earth prime minister.  

TATANKA BRICCA embraces new labor union support for Green New Deal legislation as it proceeds in California.

We also honor Russian diplomat BORIS BONDAROV for his enormously courageous denunciation of dictator Putin’s fascist assault on the people of Ukraine. 

MIKE HERSH and STEVE ROSENFELD give us the rundown on key primary races, including Pennsylvania and Oregon.

CAROLYN HARDING updates the insanity of gerrymandering in Ohio and her own expulsion from the State House…also known as the Hall of the Living Dead.

LYNN BERNSTEIN and JOHN BRAKEY update their own expulsions from the parking lot (!) of the election center in Wake County, North Carolina, along with commentary from JOEL SEGAL.

JULIE WEINER and LULU FRIESDAT report on major confrontations over voting machines and other election issues in New York.

PAT MARIDA explains the latest pro-nuke push in Ohio.

WENDI LEDERMAN and NICK VASQUEZ report from Florida about election and climate issues.

As for the 800-pound-gorilla ROE v. WADE, we hear from MARY BUTLER, ERIC LAZARUS, DOROTHY REIK and others.

We will be off for Memorial Day but will be joined the week after by DAN SHEEHAN and others to dig deeper into women’s rights and their potential impact on the 2022 mid-terms.  

See you then.