The Central Ohio Greens are running two candidates for Columbus City Council this year — John McGovern and Greg Richey. The two candidates are calling for a review of the city charter to enhance participatory democracy in Columbus city government. The Green Party believes that Mayor Coleman directs the full review of the City departments with a goal of creating efficiencies and a focus on serving neighborhoods, the Council should be reviewing ways that they can better serve and represent the public interest as well.

  • Call For a More Representative Council - Add District Based Positions.

  • Increase the Size of Council.

  • Initiate Special Elections to Fill Vacancies.

  • Make Council Positions Full-Time.

  • Review Use of Emergency Ordinance Enactment.

  • Improved Citizen Participation.

To get involved with the Central Ohio Green Party or to volunteer to help with the City Council campaign, contact:

John McGovern 614-263-1791; Greg Richey 614-447-8562; Brendan Lee, Campaign Manager 614-261-1415; Paul Dumouchelle, Treasurer, Ohio Green Party 614-766-4511; For additional information see:;

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