Our Green Grassroots Emergency Election Protection show begins with a deep dive into the curse of atomic power that continues to plague our planet and species.

We start with MARY BETH BRANGAN and JIM HEDDLE of the Environmental Options Network, who tell us about their spectacular new documentary “The San Onofre Syndrome,” due to be released in Los Angeles on Sunday, October 8, with virtual availability on October 15.

The film documents the magnificent citizens movement that against all odds shut units 2 & 3 at San Onofre, only to see the company and the regulators leave multiple tons of radioactive waste lying on the beach, within mere yards of the high tide line.

LINDA SEELEY of the San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace lays out the hard realities of fighting to shut the two reactors at Diablo Canyon, where a refueling outage will allow major testing to take place….if the regulators are forced to do so.

During this shut-down the safe energy movement will demand testing for embrittlement, pipe cracking, seismic stability, evacuation planning and other safety factors before the plant can re-open.

This huge confrontation will define the future of energy in California.  The reactors are surrounded by 13 earthquake faults and are operated by Pacific Gas & Electric, a criminal operation defined by more than 80 federal manslaughter convictions.

California has more than enough renewable energy to power the state cheaply, cleanly and safely, and has no need whatsoever for this insanely dangerous power source.

Likewise Michigan’s Palisades, where the great KEVIN KAMPS tells us how this dangerous, decrepit atomic jalopy has been shut….and is now insanely being given hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to reopen.

TATANKA BRICCA asks about strategic planning to mount civil disobedience resistance to these nuclear nightmares.

ROBIN HARPER, MYLA RESON and MIMI SPREADBURY chime in with critical California perspectives.

LIBBE HALEVY, author of YES I GLOW IN THE DARK, an up-close-and-personal account of the nightmare at Three Mile Island, connects us with her excellent NUCLEAR HOTSEAT podcast.

We are then honored with the presence of the great JAN GOODMAN, cofounder of the New Day Pacifica organization aimed at saving the treasured network.

MIKE HERSH, MYLA RESON, DAVID SALTMAN and others dig into the utter madhouse of the Pacifica nightmare. 

Saltman asks the all-important question:  “Where’s the dead camel buried?”

WENDI LEDERMAN, STEVE KAISER and LYNN FEINERMAN wrap these two amazing discussions, which we will resume in two weeks, after the Jewish New Year.

No Nukes!  Save Pacifica!!