Harvey Wasserman, Judith Whitmer, Robert Wilson

We start our Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Zoom #84 with the amazing network UBIQUITY UNIVERSITY, founded by JIM GARRISON, with GEORGE CAPPANNELLI and SHELLY ALCORN.
This HUGE global network offers the opportunity to link pro-democracy work throughout the globe.
Our deep dive into Gerrymandering features great, powerful organizers such as JENNIFER ROBERTS, ROBERT WILSON, JUDITH WHITMER, RAY MCCLENDON, MYLA RESON, DENNIS BERNSTEIN, RUTH STRAUSS, TATANKA BRICCA & many more fighting at the core of this life/death issue. 
In Ohio, North Carolina, Nevada, Texas, Wisconsin and elsewhere, the mess of our election maps has moved the US to the level of a failed state.  
Without a solution to this horrifying problem our democracy cannot survive. 
We also hear from Julie Levine and Julian Gesser on the desperate dilemma of fighting life-threatening 5G, now being foisted on the entire nation.  
Don’t miss this incredibly vital, powerful & important gathering.