#107 Green Grassroots Election Protection Zoom

In our GREEN GRASSROOTS EMERGENCY ELECTION PROTECTION zoom #107 we open with WENDI LEDERMAN explaining how Florida’s extreme right-wing Gov. Ron DeSantis has arrested 20 citizens for the crime of voting while black. Despite a huge public referendum win confirming the right of ex-felons to vote, DeSantis and his fellow vigilantes are intent on terrorizing the electorate.

The great GREG PALAST then introduces his new film VIGILANTE: GEORGIA’S VOTER SUPPRESSION HITMAN. Legendary investigative reporter Palast introduces the astonishing reality of Georgia’s Gov. Brian Kemp, scion of an historic slave-owning family, and his all-out assault on the ability of thousands of Georgia citizens to cast ballots at all. Greg’s hour-long presentation includes powerful questions from DANNETT ABBOTT, DR. RUTH STRAUSS, RAY MCCLENDON, DENNIS BERNSTEIN, MARY BUTLER-STONEWALL, STEVE SPITZ, ALEX WILLIAMS, PAUL SHERMAN, GEORGE RIPLEY and many more.

HELENA BUCHMANN tells us how grassroots organizing defeated anti-choice conservatives in Kansas.

MARTA HANSEN of Power the Polls explains the extreme importance of Poll Workers in the electoral process and how her grassroots organization works to bring them out.

WENDI LEDERMAN finishes by presenting our burgeoning list of more than 500 grassroots groups around the US.

Next Monday—-August 29—-GREEP #108 will feature Minnesota Attorney-General KEITH ELLISON in an organizing congress headlining major grassroots 2022 organizations from around the nation. BE SURE TO JOIN US!!!