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Kickstarter (61 minutes, Documentary, Directed by Roger Hill with The Columbus Free Press)


Struggle Kickstarter Trailer from MentalRev Productions on Vimeo.


Struggle from MentalRev Productions on Vimeo.

The return of Jim Crow politics at the voting polls.

Struggle, is a film about what happens in US elections when the forces of racism, corruption, technological manipulation and old fashioned ballot-box stuffing coalesce to deny Americans their right to vote and steal elections.

A chilling, foreboding documentary on U.S. Presidential Elections.

Struggle is a case study of the 2004 Presidential Election in Ohio, the deciding swing state which delivered the presidency once again to George W. Bush. Diligently researched by the key contributors to the film, Struggle is a bold film that challenges the legitimacy of that Presidential Election and brings the entire U.S. electoral process into question.

This gripping documentary is filmed with a mix of expert testimony and first-hand accounts of voters whose votes were suppressed or manipulated, and community members who protested for election reform and justice in the State and National Capitals. This informative, engaging and tense film is told from a grass roots perspective, from the ground up, without the filters of mainstream media framing the dialogue. Filmed with a handheld style that reflects the intensity of the moment, this film identifies the practices of Individual and State entities to silence protest and manipulate elections in the United States.

In 1904 Mississippi and across the South, African-Americans were denied their rights to vote because their grandparents weren't registered to vote, or because they couldn't afford the poll tax, or because they feared vigilante violence in reprisal for their votes; In 2004 hundreds of thousands of African-American and other minority and liberal leaning voters in the state of Ohio, and elsewhere across the country, were denied their right to vote because they couldn't wait in line for 2 to 7 hours on a workday, or because their names were inexplicably removed from the poll books, or because an electronic machine flipped their votes from Democrat John Kerry to Republican George or Bush, or because of one of several other dirty tricks which both changed the outcome of the Presidential Election, and set the country back one hundred years to an era of Jim Crow politics. This is a system that reaps favor and fortune upon those who manipulate class differential in their favor, and place the burden on the backs of an ever-growing oppressed community that once again must rise up and struggle for justice.

This informative, and at times tense, film follows a chronology of events from the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City, where an over-zealous police force instituted shocking tactics for stifling citizens constitutional rights to assemble; through election day and the aftermath of the deciding swing state in that year's presidential election, Ohio. We not only hear from experts about the tactics of suppressing the votes of African-American and other Democrat leaning urban and student voters. But we feel the weight of the denial of basic rights, as we at times agonize and empathize with voters waiting in lines for hours on end, or voters who were flat out told they were not allowed to vote for one reason or another, and we hear from these would-be voters in their own words without the filters of mainstream media along the way.

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