Anastasia Vashukevich, calling herself Nastya Rybka, said she
belonged to Alex Kirillov's "harem" of  "huntress girls" who are "fun,
beautiful, and always happy."
She posted on Instagram this photo on herself in Moscow before
arriving in Thailand.

BANGKOK, Thailand -- A jailed Belarusian "huntress girl" and her
Russian lover, who together claimed to have incriminating audio of
Donald Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort colluding with
Russians about America's election, were found guilty January 15 of sex
crimes and will be deported.

After the couple's arrest in February 2018 near Bangkok, Anastasia
Vashukevich -- who calls herself Nastya Rybka -- said she and her
"master" Alexander Kirillov secretly recorded the scandalous audio
when she was Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska's "mistress" during
2016 and 2017.

Thai authorities jailed the couple for conducting a week-long seminar
offering sleazy seduction techniques to foreign men and women who paid
$700 each.

After being busted Pattaya, Thailand's infamously hedonistic beach
resort, Ms. Vashukevich posted a video online while inside a prison
vehicle, pleading with "friends, American press" for help.

She claimed the couple secretly made recordings about "Manafort and
Trump and all that buzz around the U.S. elections."

The U.S. State Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, American
Embassy here in Bangkok and others scrambled to determine the veracity
of the purported recordings of Mr. Manafort allegedly meeting

No evidence was made public. Many investigators dismissed the couple as liars.

But Ms. Vashukevich said they feared being murdered in jail or Russia
after deportation from Thailand because they knew too many secrets and
had angered Mr. Deripaska.

Mr. Deripaska is one of Russia's wealthiest industrialists, enjoys
close links with President Vladimir Putin, and employed Mr. Manafort
to boost Mr. Deripaska's influence in Washington beginning in 2005.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigated Mr. Manafort who was later
convicted and imprisoned in 2018 for tax and bank fraud.

In a surprise on January 15, all eight inmates pleaded guilty to
soliciting sex and related violations.

"The court found them all guilty of soliciting sex," a judge in
Pattaya's Provincial Court said on January 15, according to
Agence-France Presse.

"The court releases them today," the judge said.

They were sentenced to 18 months imprisonment which was reduced to the
time they already endured in jail because they pleaded guilty, The
Associated Press reported.

All eight were turned over to the Immigration Department for custody
until deportation.

"I will coordinate with the Russian government for their deportation,
which will likely take one week for all the processes to complete,"
Immigration Police Chief Lt.-Gen. Surachate Hakparn said.

"They are blacklisted from Thailand permanently for conducting bad deeds."

Mr. Kirillov -- also known as Alex Lesley -- and most of the
defendants are Russian citizens. It was unclear if Ms. Vashukevich
would be sent to her home country Belarus.

"This sounds like a pretty bizarre story," State Department
Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said last year when the jailed couple
announced they wanted to trade incriminating recordings for "asylum"
in the American Embassy.

In 2017, Ms. Vashukevich and a handful of other women stripped off
their clothes near the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, declaring they "love
Harvey Weinstein" for his masculine sexual nature which women should

Ms. Vashukevich also posted photos on Instagram allegedly showing
herself with Mr. Deripaska on the oligarch's yacht in 2016 alongside
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko, resulting in a media
scandal in Russia.

The slender, 20-something Ms. Vashukevich added sexy selfies and
identified herself as "Deripaska's mistress, Alex Lesley's project" on
her Instagram account.

It was still active on Instagram on January 16 with that description.

The latest post was dated March 3, 2018, headlined: "Life without
panties" and showed a photograph of a woman sitting on a toilet with
her black lace underwear pulled down over black fishnet stockings.

Mr. Kirillov previously authored a book titled, "Life Without Panties."

Other Instagram photos showed her in a Thai jail, and earlier
cavorting semi-clad in plush hotel rooms and elsewhere.

In her 250-page book, "Who Wants to Seduce a Billionaire?" Ms.
Vashukevich described luring Mr. Deripaska into joining her in
threesomes with other young women on his yacht near Norway in 2016
while she secretly communicated via Wi-Fi with Mr. Kirillov.

"There I was, making an audio recording of a top billionaire with a
reputation as a decent family man, whose private life half the world
would love to know about," she wrote.

"I recorded myself having sex with the billionaire and sent it to Alex."

She also wrote about the sexual boorishness of a "Deputy Prime Minister."

"Record the conversation," Mr. Kirillov commanded Ms. Vashukevich via
her iPhone, according to her book.

"I'll listen to them speaking and tell you what I think about them and
your communication."

Her book and online photos were used by an anti-Putin Russian
opposition activist, Alexi Navalny, in a video he posted in February
2018 on YouTube and Instagram alleging possible bribery among the two
Russian men.

Mr. Navalny's investigators interviewed Ms. Vashukevich and Mr.
Kirillov who confirmed her book was about Mr. Deripaska and Mr.

Mr. Deripaska then told a Russian court that Mr. Navalny's video
contained "outrageous false allegations."

Russia's internet censor meanwhile demanded its removal.

Facebook-owned Instagram deleted Mr. Navalny's video and some -- but
not all -- of Ms. Vashukevich's posts, but they remained on
Google-owned YouTube.

The billionaire later sued the couple in Russia and won.

Ms. Vashukevich's book was "dedicated to my shy billionaire" and
includes chapters describing "Meeting Him and Having Sex," "I Begin to
Seduce Him," plus "Instructions on blow jobs" and "The sex with
another girl trick."

The couple's credibility was questionable because they boasted about
the power of "trick-talking" -- deceiving and lying to control people.

Mr. Kirillov prided himself for creating a handful of other dangerous,
manipulative, alluring young women to fool unsuspecting "targets" in
several countries to have sex, fall in love and confess their personal
lives, Ms. Vashukevich wrote.

The Moscow-based group's partner-swapping and "games" combined
enthusiastic sensualism plus sexual and emotional role-playing,
threesomes, voluntary bondage, spanking, and other "domination and

She described Mr. Kirillov making love to his "harem" of  "huntress
girls" who are "fun, beautiful, and always happy."

In response, he awarded Ms. Vashukevich a graduation certificate in
2016.  "I had threesomes with Alex," she boasted.