On our GREEGREE #129 we celebrate a big hit of justice in Ohio as the infamous House Speaker Larry Householder is found guilty of taking a $61 million bribe to give the nuclear industry a $1 billion bailout.

Householder and an associate face up to 20 years in a VERY rare instance of a corrupt official actually being convicted of selling the government to a corporation—and an atomic one at that.

We briefly discuss the crucial Supreme Court race in Wisconsin, where the Democratic party as usual appears fast asleep.

FRANK KNAPP of Businesses for Democracy tells us how his sustainable cohorts are fighting for the right to vote and other basics of a free society.

Then WENDI LEDERMAN introduces us to MAYA VAN ROSSUM whose Green Amendment proposes the revolutionary strategy of appending to state constitutions the core right to a clean environment.

Maya’s pathbreaking work aims to force state governments to acknowledge—UNDER THE LAW---the ability of human beings to protect their survival on a planet being brutally assaulted by corporate greed.

Maya’s strategy and successes are an inspiration and a guidepost to those working for environmental justice and global sustainability.