Gulf War 1 veteran and conscientious objector, Tim Coil, was arrested for what he considered to be Free Speech in an Ohio public library. Tim and Yvette Coil peacefully objected to military recruiters conducting the business of recruiting in Stow Monroe Falls public library in Stow, Ohio. Believe it or not, the library director called the police and Tim Coil ended up getting arrested!

Tim and Yvette need your support. Yvette is a full-time college student and her husband Tim is on disability. Read detailed background to this whole story at Motherspeak or contact Yvette directly at or 330-554-6457

Tim Coil's court date is June 5 at 8:30 am on the second floor of the Cuyahoga Falls Municipal Court, 2310 2nd St, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221.

If after reading this, it motivates you to contribute to Tim's legal fees please go to the website donate.

I am a friend of Yvette's and want to share that I envision a courtroom full of people personally "coming through" for them in the day of court (and before and beyond) with prayers, tangible financial support, and personal messages of hope and reassurance for this courageous couple. Help spread this message around rather widely, especially among peace-promoting organizations and congregations in Ohio.

Rev. Clair Hochstetler, M.Div.
Goshen, Indiana
(a hospital chaplain and a member of MaplePeace in this community)