Can anyone cite one instance where GW Bush voiced concern about the welfare or liberation of the Iraqi people BEFORE his war, and before he was sworn in as president?  There is no evidence that Bush has demonstrated any concern for any other person except himself through his entire life.  Bush never spoken out for the rights of the common man.  Bush never spoken out against injustice, oppression, or genocide.

Where was Bush when 500,000 Kurds were being killed in Iraq by Saddam when his father, GHW Bush was president?   Where was Bush when 500,000 Iraqi children were dying of hunger due to the allied bombings in Iraq after the Gulf War?  Where was Bush when the massive acts of genocide were occurring in Rwanda? Where is Bush now while a million Sudanese people are being killed? 

I feel confident is stating that Bush not made one stand in his life for other people, anywhere, anytime.   And remember, Bush never once said anything about liberating the Iraqi people from 1980 to now.  Why has Bush been silent for 24 years regarding humanitarian aid to anyone in the world, or even in the United States?  The only reason why the Bush regime started to call the war in Iraq a "humanitarian action" is because their reasons for going to war against Iraq were based on blatant lies.  No weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq.   Saddam did not have anything to do with the 9/11 attacks.  And at no time did Saddam Hussein, or any Iraqi, threaten the United States of America.  These facts were substantiated by the 9/11 Commission.

As Bush flip flops for his reason for being in Iraq more people are being killed in Sudan, but Bush is doing nothing.  The only reason why Bush is now saying we are in Iraq to liberate them is to take the focus off of all his past lies and all of the mistakes he has made in Iraq.

During the 2000 presidential campaign Bush 'said' he was going to bring 'honor and dignity' back to the White House, but here is no 'honor or dignity' in lying about reasons for going to war.  There is no 'honor and dignity' in lying about the reasons for remaining in Iraq.  There is no 'honor and dignity' in continuing to deceive the American people.

Why republicans continue to support Bush is beyond comprehension.  It is a sad fact that republicans always put their political party's interests above that of our country and our citizens.   It may seem harsh, but I believe that republicans would support and vote for Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin or Pol Pot if they called themselves 'republicans'.  How sad...

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