Tonight 3/25/03 Harvey Wasserman spoke to a small gathering at Café Romano across from UNLV in Las Vegas. It was a good sometime humorous and completely informative talk.

BUT and here is the big BUT. Fox news which showed up to report on it completely distorted the meeting. Making it out to be a gathering of organizers to make plans on protest marches and a seminar on civil disobedience. The filmed a lot but showed very little.

Fox opened the story with the female reporter who was their walking down Maryland Parkway saying that Saturday protesters planed to shut down that street. They then went to the Café and showed a 3 to 5 second shot of Mr. Wasserman speaking saying he was in essence Greenpeace protest organizer followed by a 30 second shot of the people there. Almost making it sound like the people there were fromout of town to disrupt Las Vegas. The Fox crew though they filmed it did not mention or show the Indian prayer for peace. They left less than 5 minutes into Mr. Wasserman's talk.

Mr. Wasserman should be made aware of this distortion by Fox. Even though he said that this would most likely happen and for us their to get used to it. Being a Viet Nam protester I have. But it still makes me angry to see such bias and distorted reporting.

I emailed Shundahai Network about the story and said they should ask to show the tape of the meeting to the Fox news department and demand a retraction.

I hope you give Mr. Wasserman this message and let him know about this piece of crap reporting. THANK YOU:::