The Columbus Coalition for Responsive Government is putting on the ballot a voter initiative to reform the Charter of the City of Columbus, to create a more responsive and more accountable Columbus City Council that consists of 4 members elected "at-large" in city-wide elections, and 7 members elected by the residents of each of 7 neighborhood-based Districts.

The Columbus Coalition for Responsive Government (“the Columbus Coalition”) is a time-limited gathering of Columbus citizens seeking to update the Charter of the City of Columbus. We seek to allow voters to adopt the contemporary governance model used by most large cities, to provide for better representation of our distinctive neighborhoods in Columbus City Council.

Columbus Coalition for Responsive Government is a non-partisan organization, and a local ballot issue committee. We are Liberals and Conservatives, Rich and Poor, Black and White and every color in between, and all ethnicities. In short: we are Columbus. We help to facilitate the voices of the citizens of the great city of Columbus.

Summary of What We Seek to Accomplish
A Voter Initiative to amend the Charter of the City of Columbus
11 Member City Council
> 4 Members selected by voters across the city "At-Large"
> 7 Members selected by voters in 7 Districts created by a local Apportionment Board

What We Do

The Columbus Coalition has filed a Citizens’ Initiative to amend certain sections of the Columbus City Charter, to create a mix of council members that includes 4 council members who will be elected “at-large” through City-wide elections, and 7 council members who will be elected by the voters residing in each of 7 distinct neighborhood-based districts to be developed within the City.

Go to our website at, and sign up to volunteer in support of this citizens’ initiative. This is a citizens’ initiative with no paid staff, and we need volunteers to: 1) work a couple two-hour shifts to get petitions signed, 2) coordinate volunteers, 3) develop and coordinate communications and media outreach, 4) become speakers who can promote the reform proposal and answer questions raised at neighborhood meetings. Have fun, while helping your community meet the challenges of the next 200 years.

2. Learn More
We will continue to make information about the costs of the current at-large system, and the benefits of a mixed at-large/District system available through our Webpage.

3. Spread the Word
Telephone, Email, Facebook, and Tweet about the proposal to reform Columbus City Council. Encourage people you know to support this initiative, and to hit our Webpage to sign up as a Volunteer. Be our Facebook Friend (Columbus Coalition for Responsive Government), and tell the world that you “Like” our Facebook Page and Status.

4. Donate
We are raising money for the ballot initiative and campaign that will ensue. You may send a check or donate through our webpage at Every little bit helps – if you can send $10.00 via a credit card donation on our web that is great. If you can send more, that is even greater!

5. Get Trained
We will begin training our team of volunteer petitioners on Sunday, November 20th, with training session scheduled for 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM. These first Petitioner Training Sessions will be located at 1021 E. Broad Street, in the Carriage House. Additional training sessions will be scheduled and posted on our webpage for the coming weeks.