Ever since 2004, when Vanunu was released from 18 yrs. in a tomb sized windowless cell for telling THE TRUTH about Israel's WMD facility [in 1986!] he has relied on reporters to tell his story to the world.

THE MEDIA has failed, so it is up to YOU and ALL people of good conscience to become The Media and spread the NEWS about WHY Israel continues to deny Vanunu his Human Rights!

On Dec. 10, 2012 -which was after a 19 month WAIT- for Interior Minister Eli Yishai to respond to his appeal to revoke his Israeli citizenship, Vanunu finally received a reply:

"The interior minister answer my letter to him to cancel my Israel citizenship. He wrote, I will be happy to do it, but security people don't recommend it because I can damage Israel image and security..."


Vanunu got that NEWS exactly four days AFTER I signed off on the final galley proofs of "VANUNU'S WAIT for LIBERTY, Remembering the USS LIBERTY and My Life as a Candidate of Conscience for US HOUSE 2012" which furthered my 7 years of reporting regarding SECURITY'S Vendetta against Vanunu for exposing their lax SECURITY at Dimona!

Thanks to ALL who HELP FREE Vanunu in 2013!