What are you doing on May 2, other than hoping your vote will count as cast?
We need a few people all over Ohio to staff a table outside (100 feet) a precinct to take parallel (not official election) ballots. Two shifts--morning, 7am till one pm, and the afternoon shift , 1 pm till 7:30pm. Three people per shift. Then you all gather some place and count the ballots and report them to our central headquarters in Col by phone and email. It would be good if two of you could then go to the county BOE and watch the official vote count come in and get the records they hand out to observers. Parallel elections are fun, you get to talk to people about their voting issues, and we just might catch some "monkeying" with the election. It is also a check on the machine counts.

Precincts will be chosen depending upon where you, the volunteer, lives. Training the week or Sat before, depending again on where you live. We will travel to interested groups if we get enough volunteers in an area. So ask your friends if they will help you. Parallel voting is citizens taking back our election process. It is history in the making. Not perfect yet but still capable of catching fraud and crookedness.

PASS THE WORD. We need to know THIS WEEK so we can train you NEXT WEEK. DEMOCRACY is something you do! EMAIL me back: