This is it. We have only days to save an innocent man's life. Yesterday, the Ohio Parole Board made a nonbinding, advisory recommendation to Governor Strickland that Kevin Keith should be executed, but the Parole Board's own findings do not erase the doubt about Mr. Keith's guilt. We need you and your friends - especially people living in Ohio - to urge Governor Strickland to spare his life, when so many questions about his case remain unanswered.

Thanks to you, more than 20,000 petition signatures have been delivered to Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, asking him to save Kevin Keith. But that is not enough. Now, with Mr. Keith's scheduled execution less than one month away, it's time to turn up the volume and make our voices heard.

Please send a letter to Governor Strickland today asking him to grant clemency to Mr. Keith, who is scheduled to be executed on September 15, despite new evidence of his innocence.

NCADP urges you to take the on-line action by clicking on the link above, and then also to send a short note using the regular mail asking Governor Strickland to grant clemency. A pile of envelopes and post cards arriving every day convey even greater urgency because they are so rare these days, and each one means another voice for clemency. If you are willing, after you put your short note in the mail, call Governor Strickland and literally use your voice as well.

Take action online at: Call Governor Strickland at 614-466-3555
Fax him at 614-466-9354
And write him in the postal mail at:
Governor Ted Strickland
Governor's Office
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215-6108

After you make your voice heard, please:

1. Email people you know who you believe would share your concerns, and ask them to send their own letter to Governor Strickland at:

2. Post the link on your Facebook page. Urge your Facebook friends to send a letter to Governor Strickland.

3. Tweet about Mr. Keith's case on your Twitter account. Ask your followers to send a letter and retweet. Here's a sample tweet:

Grant clemency to KevinKeith on #OH death row. Get info & send letter to Gov Strickland at Letter #Ohio Please RT

Mr. Keith has never had a chance to present new evidence of his innocence in its entirety in a court or to a jury. We believe it is unconscionable for the state to kill in any case, but it should be undisputed that it is wrong to kill when the prisoner may well be innocent.

With your help, we have a chance to save Kevin Keith. Don't let Governor Strickland execute an innocent man!

Thank you!